When the Tooth Fairy visits

When the Tooth Fairy visits

This year will be the year. With Miss T turning 6, the Tooth Fairy will be making a flying visit to our house. I have no idea when but we can’t be too far off, surely?! Miss T keeps asking when she will lose her first tooth. Just don’t tell her it’s a baby tooth because – “I’m not a baby, Mummy!”.

Then there are the follow up questions. Where should I leave my tooth? How does the Tooth Fairy know where my tooth will be? How much will the Tooth Fairy leave me?

In preparation for this momentous occasion, whenever it happens, here are some cute and clever ideas for where we can leave lost teeth so the Tooth Fairy knows exactly where to look (and leave the all important payment of a shiny gold coin).

Floral Frame Tooth Fairy Bag  lightning bolt tooth fairy bag

These cute personalised bags come with an official Tooth Fairy certificate. Lots of different designs are available but the floral frame and lightning bolt are my favourites.

Maileg My Teeth tins

The Maileg My Teeth Tin is a tiny tin perfect for tiny teeth.


Maileg_tooth_fairy_mouse_girl_in_box Maileg_tooth_fairy_mouse_boy_in_box

The Maileg Tooth Fairy Mouse sneaks out of her (or his) box at night to collect the teeny tiny baby tooth and replace it with a shiny coin.  When kids wake up in the morning, they can open the box to discover a shiny coin in her (or his) little pouch as a repayment for the tooth.


tooth fairy pillows soft pink and mint green Tooth Fairy Black


These Tooth Fairy pillows (in black, soft pink or mint green) have a pocket on the back to store the tooth along with a special Tooth Chart to record the date of the loss. You can tie this pillow onto a door handle, the end of a bed or anywhere special – clever!


Full Tilt Nanna softie front Full Tilt Nanna softie

‘Amigurumi’ is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small and this Tooth Fairy Softie is certainly small (and the right size for a tooth and a coin).


Postcard to the tooth fairy

This beautiful handwritten, heat sealed and padded Postcard, with a very special pocket for storing a tooth, has all the information a Tooth Fairy needs!


Has the Tooth Fairy visited your house recently?

Where do you leave lost teeth?

What’s the going rate for losing a tooth these days?


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