What’s hot for kids this month – top 10 kids books, TV, DVD, music and apps

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Before Miss TT and Mr TT came along I was a PANK – Professional Aunt No Kids. I loved spoiling my 4 gorgeous nieces (and still do). Not having kids at the time, I wasn’t exactly watching a lot of ABC4Kids or reading kids books. Triple J never played much Wiggles or Justine Clark.

Things had changed since I worked at a toy shop in my uni days. I relied on crash courses when I babysat my nieces to understand the finer details of the Rainbow Fairies and Hi-5. I’ve learnt a lot from them and their friends since then.

Flash forward a number of years and I now have 2 toddler tornadoes. I have a ridiculous number of kids books and can tell you the exact time Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is on ABC4Kids each day. Knowing the words and actions to all Wiggles songs now counts as aerobic exercise. I’m also a pro at the Monkey Preschool Lunchbox app on my iPhone.

When I started this blog a few months ago I was keen to include a section on the site that would highlight what was popular with kids when it came to books, music, TV, DVD and – now that we are going all techno – apps.

So for all you PANKS, PUNKS (uncle version), parents, grandparents and other interested onlookers, for a monthly top 10 round-up of what’s popular with kids head to TOP OF THE TOTS in the menu bar of the Gift Grapevine website.

What’s popular this month?

# 1 ABC4Kids TV – Shaun the Sheep

# 1 Kids Book – The Long Haul: Diary of a Wimpy Kid

#1 Young Adult Book – Maze Runner Trilogy Boxed Set

#1 Kids Album – Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles

#1 Kids Single – You Will Be In My Heart

#1 TV DVD – The Legend of Korra: Book Two – Spirits

#1 Film DVD – Frozen

You’ll also find top 10 lists for free and paid iPhone apps for ages 5 and under, ages 6 – 8 and ages 9 – 11.

I’ll be updating these top 10 lists each month so be sure to pop back to the ‘Top of the tots’ pages to see what the latest craze is.

Which books, TV, music and apps are your kids currently crazy about?

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