What scared you as a kid?


Kids are little bundles of energy, happiness and positivity with the world at their feet. But the world can be a scary place.

What may seem trivial to us adults can be hiding-under-the-covers level frightening for kids. The dark, monsters under the bed, thunder and lightning, getting sucked down a drain, cartoon villains, scary shows on TV…

Everyone was scared of something as a kid. Here’s 4 things that scared the living daylights out of me when I was little. I’m a big girl now but must admit, collating photos for this post still gave me shivers.


1. Wigs

brown hair wig

My parents have the best dress up box. It’s full of clothes from the 70s, my sisters ball gowns from the 80s (so much tulle), old ballet costumes, hats and other accessories. All the kids in our family love it. I loved it too as a kid but there was one item that scared me – a brown wig.

My Dad used to put it on as a joke and chase me around the house. It completely FREAKED. ME. OUT. I am still weird around dress up wigs to this day.


2. Clowns


I was with Bart on this one. Especially after watching Stephen King’s IT at a friend’s 12th birthday party. OK…so I had my eyes closed for most of that movie. I don’t do horror movies. The current season of American Horror Story is all about freak shows and the poster ad featuring a clown terrifies me.


3. Fireworks


My poor parents. Every year we would go to the Perth Royal Show and Skyshow and I would let loose a series of blood curdling screams everytime a firework burst into the night sky. The noise and spectacle was just too much.

Luckily for my parents and embarrassed older sisters, I grew out of this phase quickly. I love a good fireworks show now.




Countdown was mandatory viewing in our house on Sunday nights. If we were quiet and let Dad watch The Winners (a weekly VFL football show) my sisters and I were allowed to watch Countdown at 6pm.

I loved all the live performances, the bad miming, Molly’s awkwardness and counting down the top songs of the week. I always wished I could be in the studio audience…with one exception.

I still remember to this day running and hiding behind the couch whenever KISS appeared on our TV screen. I’m not sure if it was seeing grown men in spandex, full face make up and platform boots or if it was Gene Simmon’s abnormally long tongue and habit of spitting “blood”. Whatever it was, those guys scared the bejesus out of me.


Can you relate to any of my childhood phobias or am I just a weirdo?

What scared you as a kid?

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