What made me happy in 2015?


In the words of Velma from Scooby Doo – jinkies! Where did the year go? Amongst the chaos and fun of our little family, sharing hundreds of gift ideas on this blog and enjoying many glasses of wine and G&T, here are the things that made me happy in 2015…

1. Tornado wrangling

Handy Hubby and I have had our hands full wrangling Miss T and Mr TT this year. They continue to be a gorgeous bundle of fun, energy and trouble. We have loved taking them out and about – from our first camping trip up the north coast of WA to our annual family holiday at Rottnest Island and regular beach visits, seeing the tornadoes in their element makes me happy. Seeing them sleep well after running themselves ragged makes me even happier.

This is my very favourite photo from this year – Handy Hubby and Mr TT beach fishing at our local spot:



2. My gift memories

I love sharing gift ideas but it’s the ‘My gift memories’ series that always guarantees a smile. After sharing my own childhood Cabbage Patch Kid obsession earlier in the year, I was keen to find out what some of my favourite bloggers considered as their favourite childhood gift memory. The results have been hilarious and heart warming with much 1980s gold!

mygiftmemories collage

So a big thank you to Shannon (Oh Creative Day) for her Punky Brewster jumper, Dave (Big Kid Little Kid) for his ALF watch, Rachel (Mumma McD) for her Boy George doll, Shannon (Forty Up) for her Snoopy, Jo (You had us at hello) for her bike, Sam (The Annoyed Thyroid) for her Sooty puppet, Mel (Hugzilla) for her walkman and Renee (Mummy, Wife, Me) for her pink and blue boom box – your memories and flashback photos have brought a smile to many faces.

I can’t wait to bring you gift memories from more awesome people next year.


3. Gift finds

Scouring the web, shops and markets for cool gift finds makes me happy. I love sharing them with you on this blog and it’s even better when I spot something produced locally or from a small Australian business.


Many of my favourite finds of the year have been from small businesses including the ever-awesome fairy bread purse from Melbourne’s Make Me Iconic (many readers wanted one for themselves, not their kids), beautiful hand painted bicycle bells from Newcastle’s Beep Bicycle Bells and the handy and stylish pram pegs from Perth’s HodgePodge Baby. Two of my other favourite finds have been the magical Little Belle toadstool nightlights (handcrafted in New Zealand from earthenware clay) and the gorgeous 100% natural latex baby bath Origami Boat toys from Spanish designers Oli & Carol (they also double as a great teether toy).

So much gift goodness!


4. Epic street battles

I rather nervously filmed my first ever demo video this year and it wasn’t as hideous as I expected. Photos don’t do the genius of Bunch O Balloons justice so, to go with my review on the blog, Handy Hubby very nicely took control of the camera phone and filmed me demonstrating how they work. The end result was a fun demo, an epic family street battle and poor Handy Hubby copping the first balloon thrown by Mr TT straight into his crown jewels (hence the very audible “ooohhhh” from behind the camera).

Good clean family fun that made all of us happy, even Handy Hubby once he recovered and joined in the fun. I might even work up the courage to do more demo videos next year!


5. You guys

This is where I get all mushy and say it’s you – yes you – who make me happy. Thank you to all of my bloggy friends and anyone who reads this blog, comments, shares or likes my stuff on social media.

Reading that I’ve helped someone find a gift or that a suggestion of mine was loved by their child or a friend who was a new mum makes me happy. After all, that’s the whole reason I started this blog!

As for 2016? Better get started on some resolutions…

New Years Resolution - Foul Language Comics

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year! I’ll be taking a little break on the blog for a couple of weeks but you can still follow along with my gift finds and #holidayspam on social media.

What made you happy in 2015?


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