What are Beanie Boos (and why is my child obsessed with them)?

A new collectable craze has hit our house. I’ve tried to resist, however the power of Beanie Boos with their freakishly big eyes and kid-friendly colours has won Miss T over. So what are Beanie Boos and what can you do to prepare yourself for their imminent invasion? That’s if they haven’t already taken over your child’s bedroom…

Beanie Boos are collectable plush toys which come in a variety of animal characters. The authentic Boos have a unique heart shaped tag from maker Ty and each come with a name and birth date. If stuffed toys were ever to come to life and party, Beanie Boos would be the ones dancing, glow sticks in hand, well into the wee hours of the morning. Their glittery eyes with abnormally dilated pupils freak me out, especially each night when I check on Miss T before I go to bed. I swear those things follow me around the room.

I asked Miss T what she loves so much about Beanie Boos:

“They’re so soft and cuddly and cute. I like their glittery eyes. And Lily has them.”

Ah yes. Peer influence at its best. Many of the girls at Miss T’s school started collecting Beanie Boos in term 4 and brought them in each day. Like all crazes, Beanie Boos were soon banned from coming to school. Miss T admired them from afar and I did my best to avoid her requests for them – I had only recently managed to cull a number of dust-gatherers and wasn’t too keen to add more stuffed toys to the house. With Christmas approaching, her requests became more frequent and Santa relented and delivered her a single Beanie Boo called Patches. Little did I or Santa know, Miss T had also put the hard word on my brother-in-law who gave her two more later than day – Tasha and Slush. Her Beanie Boo collection had begun.

At around $10 for a regular sized Boo, they’re reasonably priced for Miss T to buy with the pocket money she has saved. She recently bought another these school holidays. Welcome to the family, Darla.

“They have their own names and birthday dates. I like how they come in different sizes.”

With regular, clip size, medium, large and extra large Boos available, this means there are even more to collect. Well played Ty product development team, well played.

Note – this is NOT our collection nor will this many Boos ever park their plush little beanie butts in Miss T’s room. I have my limits! Image source.


As much as I’m not a fan of stuffed toys and won’t give them as gifts (unless specifically requested by a parent), it’s lovely to see Miss T’s imagination at play. She tucks them into bed with her each night, talks to them and has given them each little voices. Her eyes light up when she talks about them and to put it simply, they make her happy. Thinking about it, didn’t we all have a toy collection obsession like this when we were young? For me it was my obsession with Cabbage Patch Kids, Smurf figurines and Strawberry Shortcakes in the 1980s. My eldest niece collected Beanie Bears when they were huge in the early 2000s. Beanie Boos are today’s versions of what we collected and obsessed over when we were kids.

Miss T’s toy loves and obsessions will change. I’ve decided to put aside my aversion to stuffed toys and let her enjoy her Beanie Boos. You’re only a kid for so long.

If your kids can’t get enough of Beanie Boos, I’ve found some free downloadable colouring pages here.

Is your house in the grip of Beanie Boo fever?

Which toys did you love to collect when you were a kid?


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