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Toys my mum kept - Gift Grapevine

Toys hold many special childhood memories but when there’s so much STUFF, how do we decide which ones to keep and which ones to give away? There’s only so much storage our little house can handle so when I recently conducted a toy cull, thoughts went to my mum and the toys she decided to keep after we had all grown up.

My clever mum – bless her – kept all the good stuff. I love seeing my tornadoes play with toys that my sisters and I loved as kids. There’s much 70s and 80s gold in this collection…


Toys my mum kept - Fisher Price Activity Centre

Old school Fisher Price never goes out of fashion. They made things tough back then! This Activity Centre has seen many chubby little fingers and much baby drool.


Toys my mum kept - Fisher Price cookware set

This Fisher Price cookware set was one of my favourite toys as a toddler and it’s been well loved by my nieces and tornadoes ever since.


Toys my mum kept - Strawberry Shortcake collection

My Smurf figurine collection didn’t make the cut but I’m glad mum kept Strawberry Shortcake and her friends. Would you believe these still smell?!


Toys my mum kept - Lego

I’ll stick with my mum’s rule – never ever throw out LEGO!


Toys my mum kept - Cabbage Patch Kids

My pride and joy in the 80s – meet Cecilia April and Dudley Broderick. So many happy gift memories. Unfortunately my tornadoes haven’t shown the same amount of love to poor old Cecil and Dudles. They’re lucky to receive the occasional outfit change.


Toys my mum kept - Tell the Time Owl

Tell the Time Owl went to Miss T’s school for news last week! Still teaching kids to tell the time after all these years.


Toys my mum kept - Sesame Street plush and Mim

I loved Sesame Street as a kid and Big Bird and Oscar were 2nd birthday gifts. You can still see the stains where I tried to put mum’s lipstick on Big Bird. Also well loved is my favourite stuffed toy and comforter “Mim”. I can’t believe she has survived after all these years!


Toys my mum kept - blocks & eggs & Cobblers Bench

Tried and true favourites in our family – alphabet wooden blocks, colour and shape matching eggs plus a Playskool Cobbler’s Bench. Many hours of loud whacking on the wooden nails must have driven mum crazy. Surprised this one didn’t disappear like my Hungry Hungry Hippos game did.


Toys my mum kept - Sindy outdoor furniture  Toys my mum kept - Sindy furniture

I was never mad on Barbie dolls however I used to play with my sisters’ Sindy dolls and their stylish 1970s furniture. Check out those cane outdoor lounges!


Toys my mum kept - Games

Mum also kept a variety of books, jigsaws and games. I think it’s finally time to introduce my tornadoes to Yahtzee. Might need to re-familiarise myself with the game first…


So what did I decide to keep after my toy cull? I have two storage boxes filled with Fisher Price favourites (Chatter Phone, Little People Farm, Doll House and accessories), wooden blocks, wooden jigsaws and a tea set. Of course there’ll be more to add as the years go on. I’m sure in a couple of decades my grandkids will get as much joy out of them as their parents, my tornadoes, have.

Tash xx


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