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Threenagers! They can be a lot of fun and a lot of hard work – how many times can you answer the question “Why?” in a day? Here is my bumper selection of fun and practical three year old gift ideas. They’re perfect for little tornadoes who are ready to move, ready to learn and ready to immerse themselves in a world of make-believe.


Three year old gift ideas - Tiger Tribe musical jewellery box  Three year old gift ideas - Mister Moon musical treasure box

A wind-up, musical jewellery box makes a traditional gift for a little one. I used to keep my treasures in mine as a kid. This colourful large Tiger Tribe rainbow box plays the tune of the Nutcracker Suite. If spinning ballerinas aren’t your thing, I love this cute Mister Moon design (he spins to the tune of The Entertainer).


Three year old gift ideas - Scrunch Bucket  Three year old gift ideas - Hape Sand Moulds

For fun at the beach or in the sandpit, look no further than these take-anywhere silicon Scrunch Buckets and Hape sand moulds. We have a number of these fantastic sand moulds and my tornadoes love building cities of the future (which will totally have pyramids, Colosseums, Taj Mahals and Parthenons!). Other moulds available include a Mayan Pyramid, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sydney Opera House plus standard Great Castle designs.


Three year old gift ideas - TopKnot Girl headbands

Handmade in Australia, I’m a big fan of the gorgeous headbands by TopKnot Girl. With lots of designs to choose from, they’d make a great stocking stuffer and practical accessory for any stylish three year old.


Three year old gift ideas - Crayon Rocks just rocks in a box  Three year old gift ideas - Crayon Rocks bag of 16

Crayon Rocks are unique, practical and all sorts of awesome. The design of these brightly coloured rocks gently places a child’s fingers in the correct position for the tripod grip, and through use, will teach pencil grip, strengthen finger and hand muscles, along with improving fine motor development. Made from soy and coloured with natural pigments, Crayon Rocks contain no phthalates or nasty additives.


Three year old gift ideas - Hape string along shapes  Three year old gift ideas - dinosaur lacing cards

Threading toys like these Hape String Along Shapes and Dinosaur Lacing Cards make great three year old gift ideas as they encourage hand-eye coordination, problem solving, fine motor, social and counting skills.


  Three year old gift ideas - Games to Go wooden memory game   

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played Shopping List with my tornadoes The aim of the game is to be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list. Another great memory game option, the Wooden Memory Games from Perth maker Games To Go are perfect to take out and about (and for $2.50 extra you can have you child’s name hand stamped on the drawstring game bag!).


Three year old gift ideas - magnetic dress up joey    Three year old gift ideas - magnetic dress up mermaid

Melissa & Doug’s magnetic dress up sets were a favourite activity in Miss T’s classroom when she was at kindy. The magnetic wooden dress up figure comes with a wooden stand and magnetic clothing pieces. I especially love the Joey and Waverly Mermaid sets.


Three year old gift ideas - Little Belle nightlight

Handmade in Sydney, these stunning Little Belle toadstool night lights are one of my all-time favourite décor finds.


Three year old gift ideas - Quiet Book

Fantastic for fine motor skills, I love the real life tasks in this gorgeous Quiet Book designed by Perth’s Sprout Lane.

Three year old gift ideas - Bling2o goggles cake pop  Three year old gift ideas - Bling2o goggles prehistoric times

Ditch the boring old goggles and dive in and dazzle with Bling2o! With lots of designs for girls and boys, these swim goggles are seriously funky.


Three year old gift ideas - Belle and Boo house box tea set

Great for pretend play, this Belle and Boo House Box Melamine Tea Set is the prettiest tea set I’ve seen.


Three year old gift ideas - car wooden puzzle

Match the number dots to the numbers on the cars or match the car colours to the colour on the truck. This Car Wooden Puzzle is great for open-ended play. You can also stack the cars or drive them around!


Three year old gift ideas - autobahn road tape

My First Autobahn road tape allows kids to make their own roads, raceways or towns. The tape will come off most surfaces without damage and it’s a fun item to take out and about (my friend taped up an tray table on a long-haul flight to keep her car-mad son busy!).


Three year old gift ideas - shape clock chunky puzzle

Another gorgeous wooden toy find – this Shape Clock Chunky Puzzle appeals to my love of wooden toys, puzzles and practical gifts. With moveable hands and bright rainbow colours, this puzzle is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of time to little ones as well as sorting and number sequencing.

The above three items (along with the Mister Moon musical box and Dinosaur Lacing Cards) are all available at Aussie online store Lucas Loves Cars who has kindly offered Gift Grapevine readers 15% off all products storewide until December 31, 2017 when using the discount code: grape15


Three year old gift ideas - Today is Fabric Wall Calendar

With removable velcro pieces, the Today is… fabric wall calendar is a fantastic way to introduce the days of the week, months, seasons and weather.


Don’t forget books! Books make great three year old gift ideas. Some of my favourite titles for this age include the hilarious The Pigeon Needs a Bath, The Very Cranky Bear series, Richard Scarry’s Please and Thank You Book and Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, The Amazing Machines series, Pig the Pug series, and the fun and funky Kitchen Disco.

 Three year old gift ideas - The Very Cranky Bear

Three year old gift ideas - Richard Scarry Please and Thank You Book  Three year old gift ideas - cars and trucks and things that go

Three year old gift ideas - Amazing Machines pack  Three year old gift ideas - Pig the Pug

Three year old gift ideas - Kitchen Disco


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Happy gift hunting!

Tash xx

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