Taking stock

taking stock.jpeg

After going a bit gift-ideas-crazy and compiling my Bumper Easter gift guide earlier this week, I think it’s time I took stock for the first time ever. Here goes…..

Thanks for creating this list Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. It’s such an great concept.


Making: lists to get ready for our annual family holiday to Rottnest Island. So much to do and pack before Monday!

Cooking: curry. It’s simmering away on the stovetop.

Drinking:  too much wine. I swear I drink more now than I did before I had kids. I love it but need to cut back a bit after the holiday.

Reading: so many fabulous blogs. There are some crazy-talented bloggers out there who make me laugh, cry, question, rage, smile and reminisce.

Wanting: a long leisurely sleep-in with no interruptions (not likely).

Looking: forward to spending some quality time together as a family. Handy Hubby has been working 7 days a week in the lead up to going away. We all need some downtime.

Playing: hockey. The season starts soon and I have my first scratch match this weekend.

Deciding: whether I should ramp up my marketing consulting work and continue to work from home or look for a part time job outside of home. I like the idea of being back in an office environment but I would have to find daycare for Mr TT.

Wishing: I had more time to spend on my blog. I’ve only been blogging for 9 months and there is so much more I want to do, write and learn.

Enjoying: my mid-morning coffee every day.


Waiting: for Bunch O Balloons to come to Australia. Promising 100 filled and sealed water balloons in less than a minute, it’s going to be all out war in our street come next Summer.

Liking: the impromptu dance party I had with the tornadoes in our lounge room today.

Wondering: whatever happened to Pool Ponies?

Loving: seeing how happy Miss T is at pre-primary. She has some lovely little friends, a great teacher and is thriving.

Remembering: fun times as a kid. I went through a suitcase of old photos at my parents’ place recently and dug up 80s gold. I had some rockin’ bangs back in the day (as well as a blue Pool Pony).

pool pony

Watching: Mr TT run amok at gymnastics. I’m so thankful everything at the gym is padded. The boy is hurling himself off every surface he can find.

Marvelling: at all the small businesses who create the beautiful babies and kids gifts I share on the blog. Australia has some talented artisans.

Needing: a money tree so I can buy all the cool gift ideas I spot.

Smelling: my curry cooking. Chicken and vegetable tikka masala if anyone is wondering.

Wearing: some old rags. I’m trying not to wear too many of the clothes I plan on packing for the holiday. I’d like to avoid any last minute washing and ironing.

Noticing: I’m overtired and get easily cranky with the kids. Need a holiday. Stat.

Knowing: I will step off the ferry at the Rottnest jetty and feel instantly relaxed. Rottnest is my happy place.

Rotto Collage

Disliking: the rough phase Mr TT is currently going through. I remember Miss T doing the same thing at two and a half. I still don’t like being bitten, pinched or having my hair pulled when he doesn’t get his own way!

Snacking: on cupcakes my Mum made. I wish I inherited her awesome baking gene.

Hearing: my favourite station on Pandora – “90s Alternative Radio”. Brings back so many great memories.

When was the last time you “took stock”?

Where’s your favourite family holiday destination?

Any other 1990s music tragics out there? Tell me your favourites.

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