The following children’s clothing conversion charts are intended as a guide to help you choose which size to buy when selecting baby and kids clothing as a gift.

Retail and online stores may have variations of these sizes so please check measurements for their products before purchasing.

When purchasing for a brand new bundle of joy, selecting the right size can be tricky so here are a couple of tips:

  • Babies can arrive tiny, huge or somewhere in between.  I found with my two that 0000 size clothing only fit for such a short time so I now tend to purchase size 000 or 00 clothes when giving clothes as gifts
  • Be wary of the season – a warm cardigan may look gorgeous but won’t get much use if it only fits bub in the heat of the Australian summer

Australian baby clothing

Children's clothing conversion charts - Australian baby clothing



Baby and kids clothing size conversions

Children's clothing conversion charts

Note: European sizing is based on height in centimetres; The “T” in the US sizing stands for “Toddler”

Sources: “Size Converter” app by nedis;;