She’s crafty… how a craft-challenged person made a school assembly costume

How to make a starfish costume - shes crafty - how a craft-challenged person made a school assembly costume - Gift Grapevine

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not blessed with impressive abilities when it comes to craft. The term “craft-challenged” has been thrown about before. I can draw a pretty good sheep, love a free printable and can stick foam stickers onto numbers to create mosaic pictures like a pro. However my talented Mum never passed on the dressmaking, baking or sewing gene.

When a note comes home saying your child has a school assembly in a week and a half and needs to be dressed as a sea creature, mild panic sets in. Especially when our dress up box is limited to fairy dresses, superhero outfits and daggy old dancing costumes from the 80s.

But not this time. Miss T announced she wanted to be a starfish so we looked on Google images and headed to Spotlight. Ten minutes later we walked out with a sheet of foam core, orange paint and white and silver circle stickers. The Easter long weekend was spent creating two stars – one for her front and one for her back.

I’m not sure who I am anymore?!  It seems ever since I started blogging and enjoying all that Instagram has to offer, I’ve become inspired to try more craft activities with my tornadoes. Miss T even had a craft party for her 6th birthday with 17 of her closest friends! I figure as long as I have a large supply of paper towels and a bath or hose close by, we’re (mostly) safe. Mr TT does have a tendency to eat glue sticks so I have to keep my eye on him plus I still hide the glitter – I’m not crazy.

It’s because of creative people like Pinch Me Beautiful, Oh Creative Day and Patchwork Cactus (to name just a few), along with many talented Australian makers out there that I feel inspired to get crafty and give things a go. And Pinterest. Pinterest has a lot to answer for.

So here’s Miss T’s starfish. It’s not the fanciest starfish in the sea but she loved it and it’s something we made together.

How to make a starfish costume - from a craft challenged person with Gift Grapevine

Hopefully Mr TT has an underwater-themed assembly in the future so this baby can get another workout.

On second thoughts, if anyone can recommend a book that features a starfish, then I’ll have Book Week sorted too.

Are you crafty?

Who’s your favourite creative person on the interwebs?

Who inspires you to get off your butt and “do stuff”?


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