Please no more stuffed toys! Gift ideas that aren’t just soft and fluffy

Soft toys collection 1I’ve always loved toys.  Playing with them and buying them for my nieces, my friends’ kids and now my own two toddler tornadoes.  I’m really just a big kid myself – my Mum still says I am to this day.  Visiting a baby or toy shop or buying gifts online is fun for me and I love researching to get that perfect gift. I’ve come to the conclusion however that it might not be fun for many others.  It wasn’t until I had kids myself that I realised many people think along the same lines when gifting.  As a result, my house has become bombarded with toys of the soft and fluffy variety.

Now before we go any further, I don’t want to seem ungrateful or diss any of my wonderful friends and family who have been so generous over the years showering my toddler tornadoes with soft and fluffy gifts.  Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and some of these stuffed toys are favourites.  But it has now gotten a little out of hand.

See ‘exhibit A’ pictured at the top of this post.  I counted 51 stuffed toys when I got them together for this photo.  Of those pictured, I only purchased 2 of them.  Sure, kids love stuffed toys and they look so cute on the shelf with their “look how adorable I am” eyes and soft and fluffy fur.  But for the love of God I implore those of you reading out there to step away from that cuddly bunny/bear/puppy/giraffe/pig/kitten/other thing and think about gifting something else.

Our collection at home looks cute when displayed but not so cute once Mr TT has decided to hurl every item around the room.  One of my wonderful Mums Group friends feels my pain and resorted to placing her kids collection of stuffed toys high out of reach in their walk-in robe (and what’s pictured are just the smaller soft toys)…

Soft toys collection 2

So while you think that adorable bunny you buy will become a little girl’s pride and joy that she takes everywhere, the reality is that Mr Bunny will wind up sitting next to another five bunnies, gathering dust and only make the occasional appearance at a tea party – if he is invited.

And this is why I decided to start Gift Grapevine.  I want to share with all of you gift ideas for babies and kids that aren’t just soft and fluffy.  I plan to share what has worked for me, my friends and my family and I am really keen to hear what gifts you love giving and what your kids love to receive.

There are some awesome toys, baby items and books out in retail and cyberland.  Nothing against fluffy bunnies but I think it’s time we started to look for something else.

How many stuffed toys have invaded your house?

Where do you keep them?

Please feel free to share any photos of your kids own collections – I’m sure there are others out there who feel my pain!

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