Our favourite holiday reads


It’s back to school for Miss TT next week. Gone will be our days with no plans, late starts, wet bathers and books piled high ready for new adventures. I won’t miss the constant mess around the house (more so than usual) and sibling fighting. In fact, I am happy to get us all back into a routine, even if it does mean packing school lunches, running around madly trying to get everyone ready and struggling to get pants on Mr TT.

Miss TT is off to pre-primary this year. Five full days of school a week. She’s excited. I’m excited. Mr TT will miss her dreadfully. I’m expecting a repeat of last year – dragging him away from the school gates each morning after drop off, wedged under my arm, kicking and screaming with cries of “me too! me too!”.

We’ve had a wonderful holiday break and have discovered lots of fantastic new (and not so new) books. One in particular has been the go-to book. The constant every day that both Miss TT and Mr TT include in their reading pile.

Magic Beach

My sister-in-law gave Magic Beach by Alison Lester to Miss TT for Christmas and it has become a firm favourite. The book shows kids having a wonderful day at the beach. It beautifully blends every day beach activities with make believe adventures.

We have visited the beach as often as possible these holidays and my tornadoes can relate to the kids in this book – collecting seashells and other treasures, building sandcastles, exploring under the rocks for crabs, swimming and splashing around.

Mr TT’s first words every morning are “Go to beach?”. We’re going to be in trouble once winter hits.

I asked my friends with kids for their holiday reads. In their own words, here’s what they had to say about their favourites…..


all through the year  wimpy kid long haul  10 little fingers

Mum of Miss H (age 7) – All Through The Year. It’s a beautiful book featuring every month of the year and what happens in each month, from an Australian point of view. Miss H loves it because it was given to her as a prize for citizenship when she finished Year 1 last year.

Mum of Miss L (9) – Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul. She read it in two sittings!

Mum of Mr J (6 months) – Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes. He’s just gotten ticklish so giggles when I count his toes at the end of the book.


Mr Funny  little miss naughty  once upon an alphabet

Mum of Mr T (age 4) – It’s all about Mr Men books! Especially Mr Funny and Little Miss Naughty.

Mum of Mr C (5), Mr J and Mr O (both 2.5) – Once Upon an Alphabet. I have a little crush on all Oliver Jeffers’ books and even have his art on my walls now!


rainbow fairies  demolition  magic faraway tree

Mum of Miss J (5) and Miss E (age 2.5) – The girls have both been into the Rainbow Magic fairies books. We got heaps out from the library. Miss J loves them and Miss E likes finding out what “those naughty goblins” are up to. Because I have had a little bit more time during the holidays and they have been staying up later with how light it is, we have been able to read a chapter or 2 or 3.

Mum of Mr H (2.5) – Demolition – because the wrecking ball goes thump smash and the teeth (on the jaws) are “like dinosaurs that bite you”. His words not mine.

Mum of Miss M (5) – We’re on the second read of The Magic Faraway Tree!


stick man  the magic pudding  unos garden

Mum of Mr A (3) – Stick Man. Hubby knows it off by heart and it’s not a short story! Over the Christmas period it was very appropriate with Stick Man helping Santa down the chimney!

Mum of Mr C (5) and Miss L (3) – The Magic Pudding. Mr C loves this, thought he was too young for such a long tale but he loves it! Miss L sits through it but never chooses it. She does however whistle twice and turns her bowl around to get something different for dinner!

Mum of Mr C (5) – Uno’s Garden. It was a Christmas gift from an aunt in Melbourne. Awesome pictures and a nice message about looking after the environment. It helps that there are fantastical creatures it in like moopaloops and lumpybums and snortlepigs! Makes him giggle.


dr dog  crocodile who didnt like water

Mum of Miss D (5) and Mr T (2.5) – Two of the kids favourite reads have been Dr Dog (a library find – it’s hilarious and educational at the same time) and one that we were given, The Crocodile who Didn’t like Water – very witty.


Which book has been a favourite with your kids these holidays?

You can find these books online at Gift Grapevine’s Bookworld affiliate or your local independent bookseller.

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