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We all have childhood memories of gifts we were given. Some gifts were coveted while others made us cringe. I love to hear stories of childhood gifts and who better to ask than my favourite bloggers?

I’m happy to have my W.A. blogging buddy Jo from You had us at hello share her favourite gift memories. Jo is a Farmer’s wife, a mum, a fellow music and concert lover and one of the friendliest bloggers around. Her posts are like a chat with a friend over some bubbly drinks. Her blog regularly features and celebrates top notch above and beyond service. I love the happy and positive way Jo shines a spotlight on others. It’s time for us to shine the spotlight on her!

For Jo, deciding on her favourite gift memory was a tough choice. Her beloved Snoopy lunch box nearly made the cut but the eventual winner was…

Jo from You had us at hello - bike

What was your favourite gift you were given as a kid or teen?

My Green Indie 500. It was my “kid” version of FREEDOM! Me, my little bro and best friend would ride up and down our street with all the neighbourhood kids – as you did in the 80’s. We’d ride to school, go to the deli and select our 1 and 2c lollies with great selection angst. We’d ride to the park and collect tadpoles and play on the BMX track. All we had to do was 1) not talk to strangers and 2) be home by dark.

Those were the days! I learnt how to ride with no hands on that bike – handy.

There was a cute old couple that lived at the top of the road we would sometimes call into for a friendly chat and some lollies. Fast track that to one day when I was working at the airport. I checked in a couple with the same address and funny enough same name. I looked up and said “Margaret and John….??? Oh my gawd!! I used to ride my bike to your house when I was a kid!!!” Once we worked out where I lived and who my parents were etc etc we (and my workmates) were all in hysterics. They were still old too! haha!

Who gave it to you?

Mum and Dad, my little bro and my baby bro.

How old were you?

I’m guessing I was 8.

Jo from You had us at hello - birthday cake

Do you still have it?

I was sure I left it out in the rain, it got rusty and then it went to where all good bikes die. However my brother just told me he was coming out of a laneway and got hit by a car on that bike! I don’t remember being upset about the bike. More worried about my brother. He was very lucky to come out of it ok. Rolled across the bonnet of a car. So I guess it got mangled! Bloody hell!

After that bike, I upgraded to a purple racer. A racer?!!

Is it something your kids would play with now?

I’m sure they would. They love their bikes around the farm. W-man has just the one trainer wheel left on his bike so these holidays we might take the plunge and take it off.

Any other details or special memories of this gift?

That basket is where my Cabbage Patch Kids Faith Rita and Brett Luke would sit. Also my walkman and Fisher Price kids camera. I have no idea why in that picture I’m sporting a red raincoat in November. I do look pretty chuffed though!

A big thanks to Jo for sharing her gift memories and super-cute 1980s flashback photos.

Be sure to follow Jo on her blog, Facebook and Instagram.

Do you remember your very first bike?


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