Miss TT turns 5

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Miss TT turns 5 on Monday. I can’t quite believe it. My toddler tornado will turn into a fully fledged tornado.

She’s still my little girl but that little girl is now a 5-day-a-week pre-primary student. The cheekiness, stubbornness and go-go-go is still there. With age she’s become fiercely competitive. She doesn’t like to lose a race or a game of UNO.

She has a goofy sense of humour, an infectious laugh and is caring and concerned about how others are feeling. She is a lovely little girl who we are so proud of.

Handy Hubby and I decided to give each of our tornadoes a big party every two years. After last year’s bouncy castle and Peppa Pig party with friends, this year we’ll be celebrating with an afternoon tea on Sunday at a local park. Counting all family members plus Miss TT’s best friend, that’s 26 people. OK – it’s still a party.

On her birthday on Monday, she’ll spend the day at pre-primary. She’s requested I take in chocolate frogs for the whole class. I offered to bake a cake or make honey crackles but apparently choccie frogs are the done thing. I count that as a win for everybody.

I love how she hasn’t listed all the things she wants for her birthday. When asked, all she wants is some “fairy dust” to leave out by her ‘lil Fairy Door at night and Tinkerbell napkins for the party table on Sunday.

Before I wrap her gifts I wanted to share with you what’s in her stash (if you’re wondering, the fairy dust is sorted with Pop and I’ve already bought the Tinkerbell napkins)…..


birthday gifts


  • As featured in my last post about gift ideas for ballet mad kids, Miss TT has started dance classes. She will love this leotard and dance skirt – inexpensive and cute items from Target.


  • We’ve given so many of these Smiggle 30-pack pens to Miss TT’s 5 year old friends. They are an absolute winner and include a mix of gel, glitter, neon and pastel pens packed in a carry case. A practical gift for creative fun – she loves writing and drawing.


  • A beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations, Ruby Red Shoes is a lovely story that promotes kindness towards all living things. I’ve had this book in my gift cupboard for nearly 4 months and had to stop myself many times from cracking it open early. I always make sure to gift a book to the kids each birthday. You can never go wrong with a book.


  • Handy Hubby and I are big cricket fans and this summer we’ve taught the kids backyard cricket. Mr TT is keen but his attention span is lacking. He excels in streaking across the lawn. Miss TT, being the competitive little soul that she is, has fallen hard for it. I couldn’t be prouder. Our current cricket bat is a tiny tot version so this Cricket Australia junior set from Big W will work at treat. It’ll also come in handy for our upcoming holiday on Rottnest Island (30 days to go – yes I’m counting down the days!).


I’ve got lots of other gift ideas but that’s plenty from us – no need to go overboard. Knowing our family, she will get spoilt on Sunday anyway!

For more gift ideas, check out my gift guide for 4 – 6 year olds and great books for 4 – 6 year olds. There’s even more on my Pinterest page which I am constantly adding gift ideas to.


Do you celebrate your kids birthdays with big parties every year?

Got any great gift ideas for a 5 year old?

Any tips for living with a 5 year old? Please tell me it’s all downhill from here…..