Miss T turns 6: How I hosted a craft party for 18 kids and survived

Miss T turns 6

This post is brought to you by 1 birthday girl, 17 excited kids, my generous parents who offered up their house as the party venue and Blank Canvas Gifts who supplied the paints and accessories (I purchased the bags).

My crazy, beautiful, craft-obsessed, energetic, competitive, kind and loving tornado Miss T turned 6 this week. Where did 6 years go?! For the past 12 months she has been excitedly planning her birthday party. Initially she was insistent on a Frozen party. I wasn’t too keen on that idea. We’ve been to so many Frozen parties and having a birthday in February in Australia means things thaw quickly in 40 degree heat.

A pool party on the other hand – February birthdays were made for pool parties! And with Miss T’s craft obsession showing no signs of waning, she decided on a “craft and pool party”.  The pool part was easy. My generous parents have a pool and a fantastic backyard for parties. My 18th birthday party with 100 friends dressed in togas is testament to that.

But how was I supposed to entertain 18 kids with craft? Especially an activity that would keep them engaged and not result in “artwork” their parents had no idea what to do with? And the mess! How to contain the mess?!

That’s where Blank Canvas Gifts came to the rescue. I’ve featured them on the blog a number of times before in my monthly gift picks and Christmas gift guides. I love supporting clever local businesses and their kits make unique gifts for arty kids. They also do party packs that make running craft activities for groups super easy.

There’s lots of packs to choose from – t-shirts, cushions, hats, bunting, handbags and more. Miss T and I decided on a library bag for everyone and Blank Canvas Gifts provided all of the fabric paints, fabric glue and glitter, brushes, templates and paint palettes.

The mess was contained, we had everything we needed and the birthday girl and her 17 friends got to work decorating their own bags.

Miss T painting

Library bag painting

Miss T library bag painting

Then it was time for all of the gorgeous designs to dry…

library bags on clothesline

…while the kids jumped in the pool.

pool party bombies

Seeing 18 kids doing bombies and splashing around happily gave me flashbacks to my own pool parties as a kid. There’s definite perks in being a summer baby!

After an early dinner of sausages, buns, salad, mini pizzas and fairy bread (it’s not a party without fairy bread), it was time for cake. I’m not much of a baker or decorator so I made an icecream cake. Mix 3 litres of good quality vanilla icecream with a heap of crushed up Violet Crumble chocolate bars, pop in the freezer overnight and viola! Too easy. Of course I couldn’t help myself and popped Frozen coloured sprinkles and figurines on top. Miss T loved it. Mr TT was more interested in blowing out the candles for himself.

Birthday cake

Aside from the ease of having everything supplied for the craft activity, the library bags doubled as a loot bag once the party was over. Add a $1 bubble wand, lollipop, bag of popcorn and chocolate and you get 18 very happy kids. Their parents were happy too. From all reports, everyone slept well that night after a big afternoon of craft, swimming, eating and having fun. Just how a 6th birthday party should be.

Are you hosting any birthday parties this year?

Which birthday party themes have been successful for you in the past?