Look Mummy – no stabilisers!

Look Mummy no stabilisers

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for. Don’t get me wrong – I love the cheeky little piggy but I am starting to hear her in my five year old, Miss T.

First it was a request for an iced lolly (icy pole) and now this.

“Look Mummy! I can ride really fast without my stabilisers!” The training wheels are off and Miss T is learning to ride her purple Malvern Star Ponytail bike.

Handy Hubby and I have been teaching her to ride on our annual family holiday on Rottnest Island. There have been tears, no blood (yet), frustrations, nervous giggles and triumphs.

She has the speed and good balance although the concept of braking is still foreign to her. Why brake when you can go superfast? Seeing speed wobbles scares the bejesus out of me. I have a very large pack of bandaids on standby.

ready steady go learn to ride



Part of me is so proud of her. I’m beaming. Another part of me is tensing up inside just waiting for that first big fall. I know it’s coming and there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s all part of learning to ride and growing up.

I love that she is learning to ride on Rottnest Island. “Rotto” is the same place where Handy Hubby and I both learnt to ride our bikes as kids. There’s no cars, everyone cycles to get around and there are lots of long flat sections of road to practice on. There’s also lots of hills and bendy corners for when you are ready for that next step.

I have such fond memories of Rotto. My favourite childhood gift is linked to a Rotto family holiday when I was seven years old.

rotto 1985

Me at Rotto in 1985 – before bike helmets were introduced!


We holiday here every year and love it. The bays are beautiful for swimming. It’s relaxing. Kids have so much freedom to play and explore. It’s my happy place. I’ve been coming here almost every year since I was a baby and I’m so happy that my tornadoes can now enjoy everything it has to offer.


The view from our villa is hard to take


quokka and spotting

Rotto is home to the world’s most viable population of quokkas. Night time quokka spotting with torches is a highlight for Miss T, Mr TT and their besties.


mr tt bays and future hoon

So many beautiful bays to swim at; Mr TT on his balance bike: future hoon


And seeing that I have a zillion photos on my phone of the kids and Handy Hubby, but not me, I decided to finally #getinthepicture. Thanks Maxabella Loves for the prompt. As much as I’m not a fan of selfies, I want my kids to look back and see us enjoying our holidays as a family. Now, to just get us looking at the camera at the same time…..


Do you have a favourite family holiday destination?

Any tips for learning to ride a bike?

Does your child speak like Peppa Pig?

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