Little feet grow fast – what to do with those old kids shoes?

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Miss T & Mr TT go through their shoes quickly. Not from every day wear and tear though. Their little feet grow fast and before I know it, it’s back to the kids shoe shop for another pair of thongs, sandals, sneakers or boots.

I’m pretty fussy about shoes for my Toddler Tornadoes. I want them to fit correctly so their rapidly growing feet can grow in the best way possible. Once they no longer fit, I usually toss them (the shoes, not the kids) into a random charity bin. But what then happens to those shoes? I never gave it much thought until I heard about an organisation doing great things with shoes.

Now this blog post may not be my usual recommendations for the best gift for an “X” year old or rant about my Toddler Tornadoes. I’d like to think I can also use my newfound “bloggy powers” for good to help get the message out – getting no longer needed shoes onto the feet of people who do need them is a gift worth giving.

Soles4Souls Australia collects gently worn and new shoes for children, women and men in need around the world both in Australia and abroad, who are disadvantaged because they do not own shoes or have inadequate footwear.

Shoes play an important role in health promotion and the prevention of parasitic infections and disease. Shoes also create opportunities including schooling, employment and sport.

S4S Australia

Soles4Souls Australia partners with Port Adelaide Football Club. This partnership supports SA and NT Indigenous kids, teens and young adults with footy boots and sporting shoes for their sporting journey.


The original goal for Soles4Souls Australia’s inaugural appeal back in 2011 was for 10,000 pairs of shoes to be donated over a three month period. The support and interest in the shoe drive saw more than 54,000 pairs of shoes donated from all states and territories in Australia. Today, in total more than 125,000 pairs of shoes have been donated and distributed to people in need.

What do you do with your kids sports shoes once they have grown out of them at the end of the footy, netball, hockey or soccer season? What about those first walkers that bub only wears for a few months before they become too small? Or the winter boots or party shoes that only last a season?

If you want to help make a difference by donating gently worn or never worn childrens, womens or mens shoes, donations can be made any time throughout the year (no ugg boots, slippers or high heels though!). There are donation locations in South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia or alternatively, shoes can be posted to the Soles4Souls headquarters for re-distribution:

S4SA Collections
208 Port Road
Alberton SA 5014

Soles4Souls aim to have collection points in all states however need to secure a national transport partner and additional financial backing before this can happen.

Soles4Souls Australia Founder & Director Dalice Kennedy

Soles4Souls Australia Founder & Director Dalice Kennedy


You can also get involved by running a workplace, school or community group shoe drive. One 13 year old South Australian girl collected 230 pairs of shoes at her primary school – inspiring stuff!

For more about the great work Soles4Souls Australia does, visit their website or follow them on Facebook .

Do your kids feet grow as fast as my kids?!

What do you do with your old kids shoes?