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Gift Grapevine kids book review - Billie B Brown

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It’s an exciting time in our house – Miss T has started reading chapter books. Big kid books! That’s how she sees them and she’s rather proud of herself. Thanks to older cousins, she has been introduced to her first early reader book series – Billie B Brown by Australian author Sally Rippin.

Miss T has fallen in love with the feisty and friendly Billie. I’m happy these books encourage her love of reading and that they feature a strong female character who she can relate to. Billie’s adventures mirror those of Miss T and her friends, from a wobbly tooth to dealing with school bullies, friendships, gaining a new sister, midnight feasts or “playing hairdressers” (luckily Miss T hasn’t done that one!).

We were lucky enough to hear Sally Rippin speak earlier this year at the Perth Writers Festival. When asked about her inspiration for story ideas, she replied simply with “Imagination and experiences.” Many of Billie’s adventures reflect those she had as a child. As Australia’s 4th highest selling children’s author, Sally’s books have certainly struck a chord with young readers.

Gift Grapevine kids book review - Billie B Brown - books

Here’s what Miss T has to say about her favourite character Billie…

Who is Billie B Brown?
Billie is a girl. She is nice and likes playing with her best friend Jack. She goes to school with Jack, plays soccer, swims and has adventures. I think she is 6 or 7.

Why do you like these books?
Because they are chapter books and I really want to read chapter books now I can read. They are written by Sally Rippin – she is from Australia. I like Billie because she is nice to her friends. Billie does lots of stuff like me. I really like the pictures in the books too.

Gift Grapevine kids book review - Billie B Brown - chapter one

Gift Grapevine kids book review - Billie B Brown - illustrations

Who do you think should read these books?

OK… who else?
Kids that are on higher levels and are ready to read chapter books. Kids who are 6 or 7. Kids in grade one like me.

Which book is your favourite and why?
The Missing Tooth. I like it because my tooth is going to fall out soon!


Miss T is such a fan she even dressed up as Billie from the book The Bad Butterfly for Book Week last year (in the book, Billie starts ballet lessons). Messy hair in pigtails with red ribbons, a tutu and boots for “stomping like a troll” – it was the easiest dress up costume to put together!

Gift Grapevine kids book review - Billie B Brown - book week dress up

And just like Billie, Miss T has found her own groove. When it comes to reading, thanks to lovely books like these, she continues to devour new stories and adventures.

Do you know any Billie fans?

Which books are favourites in your house?

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