It’s time for Miss T to learn about the world

Miss T in Lancelin

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“Mum! Sam is singing in Spinach.” This is what Miss T told me when we were driving along listening to the lovely voice of Sam Moran singing one of his children’s songs – in SPANISH. Not Spinach.

It was at this point I knew Miss T needed to learn more about the world. We live in Perth, one of the most isolated cities in the world, and that’s even more of a reason for her to explore what’s out there.

At age 5, Miss T is a little sponge and wants to know everything. Her knowledge of other countries and cultures are thanks to shows like Mouk and regularly asking me a multitude of questions. So many questions. Currently it’s all about her friend Ella who lives in the UK. “Mum, is it sunny where Ella lives now?” “Will Ella be awake?” “Does Ella go for Australia or England in the cricket?”

I’ve been searching around for a kiddie-appropriate atlas for a while. I remember having one as a kid and I used to pour over its contents for years. I was excited to discover that Lonely Planet have released a range of kids books under the ‘Lonely Planet Kids’ banner and was keen to check out their Amazing World Atlas.

Lonely Planet Kids World Atlas

My life before the tornadoes arrived involved travel. Lots of it. I worked jobs just so I could save money and holiday leave to go on adventure after adventure. Handy Hubby was a great travelling companion and the travel bug bit us hard. On each adventure I always packed my handy Lonely Planet travel guides. I trusted them with recommendations of where to stay, where to eat and what to look out for. And they never let me down.

Now Lonely Planet Kids can open Miss T’s eyes and mind to the world. She pours over her Amazing World Atlas just like I used to with my own atlas. She loves all the photos and illustrations from each country but is still too young to be able to read the many quirky facts and inspiring stories. That’s where I come in! It’s a great book to read together and creates much discussion about people and places. In time she will be able to refer to this book all by herself.

LP Kids World Atlas - SE Asia map  LP Kids World Atlas - Russia

The Atlas is beautifully presented and would make a practical keepsake gift that can be enjoyed for many years to come. If she’s anything like me, Miss T will share my love of travel and this book might just kick-start the travel bug in her.

LP Kids World Atlas - Spain

Proof that it’s Spanish, not Spinach.


Also in the new Lonely Planet Kids range are a number of unique sticker activity books. Kids love stickers and these books include fun world facts, games, puzzles and over 250 reusable stickers. With “wee”, “poo” and “bum” talk being the funniest thing in the world to Miss T at the moment, the Adventures in Smelly Places title was a big hit. She particularly liked spotting the little mouse with a piece of stolen smelly cheese hidden in each sticker scene!

LP Kids stickers  LP Kids activity pages

Lonely Planet Kids books

My days of overseas jaunts may be over for now. Handy Hubby and I are building up the courage and money to take the tornadoes overseas (to be honest, the thought of Mr TT confined on a plane scares me). But there’s no reason I can’t dream and plan for when we do go away.

Released this month, the Lonely Planet Travelling With Children book is a great start. This handy guide is filled with family-friendly travel advice for over 80 destinations and “books for the young traveller” reading recommendations (my favourite part). I’m a sucker for kids books and what better way to prepare kids for a trip overseas than reading age appropriate books about the country they are visiting?

I think it’s time to start my dream list of destinations. The Virgin Islands are looking mighty fine.

If you are keen to inspire the little ones in your life about the world, check out the Lonely Planet Kids website, Twitter and Facebook pages. You’ll find information about the Lonely Planet Kids range including books and an app as well as monthly kids competitions, downloadable activity sheets and advice for travelling with your family.

Did you have an atlas your poured over as a kid?

Have you travelled with kids? Any recommendations?


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