Forget the fancy gift basket, these are the items mums can’t live without

Items mums can't live without - Gift Grapevine

We’ve all seen or given a beautifully presented gift basket packed full of pretty items every mum “needs”. But what if we got real for a moment? What if we made our own gift basket of essential items that we, as mums, can’t live without? These items may be boring, cheap and/or unattractive – you may never be invited to a baby shower again – but I can guarantee you’d score full points for practicality.

So I present to you the 7 items I can’t live without – stylishly *cough* presented in a reused gift box…

My mum essentials gift basket - Items mums can't live without - Gift Grapevine

1. Sandwich bags

In her recent book Primary School Confidential, Mrs Woog of Woogsworld fame describes the humble sandwich bag as “Mummy’s Little Helper” – I couldn’t agree more. I use these things for EVERY THING. School lunches and snacks for the kids, somewhere to store earplugs for swimming lessons, storing puzzles and LEGO sets so teeny tiny pieces don’t get lost, something to put play dough in when I’m on kindy play dough roster… these small, medium and large bags are indeed my little helpers. And just to clarify – I do try and reuse the bags when I can to reduce waste!

2. Paper towels

Case in point – Mr TT at work.

Paper towels - Items mums can't live without - Gift Grapevine

3. Baby wipes

Handy for cleaning around the house and when out and about, there are so many uses for baby wipes. Mr TT stopped wearing nappies a year ago and I’m still buying wipes.

4. G&T/Wine

After a hard day of work/chores/tornado wrangling, I do love a glass of G&T or bucket of smooth red by the fire.

5. Napisan stain remover

Handy Hubby works in renovation and construction and my tornadoes are aged 4 and 6. I need to buy stocks in this stuff.

6. Coffee and sunglasses

I’ve always been a bad mood bear in the mornings. Add in two tornadoes and a regular lack of sleep and you can understand how coffee and sunglasses have become my morning friends.

7. P Touch Label Maker

The organisational nerd in me loves my labeller. This baby has been getting an especially good workout since the tornadoes started school.

What items can’t you live without? If you were to give a “mum essentials” gift basket, what items would you include?


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