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Interview with a toddler - Gift Grapevine

In the early days of this blog I was inspired by the lovely Emily from emhawkerblog to interview my toddler. Em had interviewed her 4 year old with hilarious and adorable results (you can read Em’s original post here). Miss T was 4 at the time and she relished the chance to be interviewed. Two years later, she still has so much to say and is very definite about what she says and how she says it!

With Mr TT 4 this month, it’s now his turn. My toddler tornado is a beautiful bundle of energy and provides me with equal amounts of joy and heart attack moments. Just your typical fournado really. Those big blue eyes get me every time.

And so for the interview. Not conducted under duress or promises of any sorts of chocolate, all answers are straight from Mr TT himself.

What is the best thing about having me as your mum?
You. Because I really like you mummy. You play dominoes with me.

What is the worst thing about having me as your mum?
Don’t know. I do like you. I just like you. I always like you mummy.

What’s mummy’s worst habit?
Working. I do like going to your work. I can run around in the office and ride on the chairs.

What’s mummy’s best habit?
Hugs and kisses.

What do you admire about mummy?
I like watching TV with you and you play dominoes and lots of games with me.

Why do you love mummy?
Because I love you. You’re the best.

What do you like about being a kid?
Playing with Mack the truck. Playing. Going to kindy. Playing with you and daddy and my sister.

What is your favourite thing to do with mummy?
Playing games. I like going to Scitech. Can we go there tomorrow?

What is your favourite thing to eat for dinner?
Fish and chips! And jelly for dessert. Orange jelly. And raspberry jelly. And strawberry jelly. I like having chicken. And capsicum.

Why is mummy lucky to have you as a son?
And I like carrots. ‘Cos I really like them.

He’s still got food on his mind.

I like helping you. I use my hands to lift things. I pack away my toys and brush my teeth. I make my bed. Yep I do. I get pocket money when I help you.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your mummy?
You make me food. I like making things with you like Batman Lego and normal Lego. Lots more things. I want to write more words down. I still want to do more words. I need to do so many words today.


I think Mr TT likes this interview thing. He certainly has the best words (and cuddles).

I’d love to read more interviews with toddlers so please join in – how would your toddler answer these questions?


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