Book reviews by kids, for kids: Hotdog by Anh Do

Hotdog is the first book in a new series by super talented author, actor and comedian Anh Do. Released in November last year, it was given to Miss T for Christmas and was soon devoured.

Title character Hotdog is a lovable sausage dog who, along with his friends Lizzie (the gutsy lizard) and Kev (the world’s laziest cat), embark on a mad adventure to help a baby bird find his missing mum. Along the way they encounter a karate-chopping rooster, touristy penguins toting cameras and one very stinky nappy. Together they work as a team and stop at nothing to find baby bird’s mum.

Hotdog is a lovely, funny book for early readers. Illustrator Dan McGuiness has matched Anh Do’s fun story with illustrations that had Miss T in giggles. I have since read the book to younger brother Mr TT who is now a Hotdog fan.

Here’s what Miss T (age “nearly 7”) has to say about Hotdog by Anh Do:

What do you like about the book?
It’s a funny story that’s fun to read. The name Hotdog is funny because it’s not the one you eat! He does lots of funny things like play the guitar, is really stretchy and he’s a good friend. I like sausage dogs and the baby bird is really cute. The illustrations are really funny too.

Who is your favourite character?
Kevin! I like his costumes. He’s a cat who’s dressed as a cow! My favourite bit was when Kevin had to lie on his back to be a boat to get the friends across the river.

Who do you think should read these books?
Kids between 5 and 8 years old would really like this book.

Will you read more books in this series?
Yes! I want Hotdog to have more adventures.

What do you think the next book should be about?
It want it to be about how the friends find a rooster and they have to help him find his lost child. Then they find the child and do face painting, football and karate together. And they accidently punch Kevin.


If you’re reading this Anh Do – you are more than welcome to that story idea for a future Hotdog adventure (just please to be kind to poor Kevin!).

Have you read Hotdog or any other books by Anh Do?

Which books should Miss T discover next? I’d love some recommendations.

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