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Help a reader out: Australiana gifts - Gift Grapevine

The lovely Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid messaged me this week asking for some gift advice: “Can you help me with some Australiana gifts? I need something for a one year old, a nine year old and an eleven year old, all boys. I’m open to all ideas but it just can’t be too heavy as I’m taking it back to the UK! xx”

I love playing Santa. It takes me back to working in a toy store during my uni days and someone coming in asking “what can I buy for a X year old?!”

Here are some Australiana gifts for Sammie that aren’t tacky souvenir-type gifts or stuffed toys (as with all my gift ideas posts – this is a stuffed toy free zone!). I’ve tried to keep things affordable and easy to pack for travelling overseas.

I’d love your ideas too so please add in your suggestions in the comments or on Facebook. Let’s help Sammie out!

Australiana gifts - Make Me Iconic bickies

Make Me Iconic has some fantastic original gift ideas – think premium souvenirs and designer home wares. I love their Iconic bickies – a collection of 10 iconic Australian toy biscuits. They look good enough to eat but are actually wooden and perfect for pretend play. Packaged in a cute tin, each wooden biscuit is also numbered on the back for counting from 1 to 10. Which biscuit is your favourite? I was always partial to a teddy bear bickie (or 5).


Australiana gifts - Make Me Iconic puzzle

Iconic Munchies Jigsaw – A chunky wooden puzzle featuring icons of Australian food.


Australiana gifts - Make Me Iconic faves magnets

Featuring 11 push out shapes, this Iconic Faves magnet set of Australian favourites is light and easy to post overseas.


Australiana gifts - Monopoly Sydney Edition

Sammie lives in Sydney so the new Monopoly Sydney Edition would be a great way for her to show the older boys all about her home town. In this edition, Sydney Harbour takes prime position in place of Mayfair, with Taronga Zoo, The University of Sydney and some very famous beaches not far behind. This will most likely be the closest opportunity we all have to owning prime real estate in Sydney. Perth and Adelaide editions are also available.


Australiana gifts - ABC Wall Frieze    Australiana gifts - ABC Wall Frieze image

Ozzilla design uniquely Australian gifts that are also easy to post overseas. Their ABC Australian Alphabet Wall Frieze features 26 letters on big card panels – just arrange them into a wall-frieze to suit the room. The cards fit into an A4 size envelope so it doesn’t take up much luggage space.


Australiana gifts - Numbers Wall Frieze    Australiana gifts - Numbers Wall Frieze image

An Australian Numbers Wall Frieze package is also available with number panels showcasing Australian wildlife and icons allowing counting all the way to 20.


Australiana gifts - Tall Timber Height Chart    Australiana gifts - Tall Timber Height Chart image

The Tall Timber Illustrated Height Chart is a beautiful chart to measure kids, parents and even grandparents. Find out if you are as tall as a Bottlebrush, the height of a Golden Wattle or up there with a Paperbark tree or even a Eucalyptus!


Australiana gifts - Havianas Aussie blue and white    Quiksilver Dockers kids boardshorts

I’m sure the older boys would enjoy any surf related items – think surf brand t-shirts, beach towels, Havaiana Aussie thongs or the uniquely Australian Quiksilver AFL and NRL Boardshorts. All teams are represented in designs for the boardshorts but I’m showing the Dockers one in this example – only because they are the best team. Cue non-Docker supporter backlash in 3 2 1…

Australiana gifts - erase it australiana

The Australian Geographic Shop has a huge selection of Australiana gifts including these cute and inexpensive set of erasers.


Australiana gifts - Tim TamsAustraliana gifts - Furry Friends Australiana gifts - Freddo Frogs

Most kids love chocolate so I’m sure some Australian classics would be appreciated (Mum and Dad might enjoy them too!).


Australiana gifts - Possum Magic    Australiana gifts - Mapmaker ChroniclesAustraliana gifts - australias most freaky

Books are always a great choice and there are so many wonderful Australian authors and titles to choose from.

When I think of Australian authors for young kids I think of Mem Fox. Possum Magic, Where Is The Green Sheep? and 10 Little Fingers and 10 Little Toes are just some of our favourites. All are winners and can be enjoyed for years to come.

For the older two boys, The Mapmaker Chronicles series of books by Australian author A.L. Tait would make a great gift.

Books about Australian animals would also be popular if the boys are into that sort of thing. I stumbled upon a title called “Australia’s Most Deadly Animals” which sounds like the type of book any boy would love. However we don’t want to scare the boys (and their parents) from visiting Sammie in Australia so I’m guessing Australia’s Most Freaky Animals might be a safer option.

Now over to you! What Australiana gifts would you recommend Sammie takes to the UK?

Some of these suggestions feature affiliate links. You won’t pay any more however I will receive a small commission which goes towards the running of this blog. As always, every item I feature on Gift Grapevine is something I love and would love to give!