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As a kid, one of my favourite Saturday morning cartoons used to be Superfriends. All the cool superheroes would meet at the Hall of Justice and work together to help people. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Apache Chief and others would be there as well as the Wonder Twins and, not forgetting, their monkey Gleek.

Superfriends was super corny but it was the 1980s and for a 5 year old, it was pretty awesome. I’m not sure what happened to the Hall of Justice but superheroes are just as popular with kids today. Even as an adult I love seeing the Marvel films (hello Captain America and Thor).

My toddler tornadoes are just starting to become keen on superheroes. Many of my friends have a little Spiderman or Batman running around the house. Other friends have older kids who devour comic books and count down the days until the next Avengers movie comes out (April 23 if you are wondering)…..

If you have a little (or big) superhero in your life, here are some great superhero themed gift ideas.

Nothing is sponsored here – these gift ideas are ones I love and would love to give.


marvel bento lunchboxes  Mini_Marvel_Bento_7_grande2  Marvel_Bento_1_grande

Just in time for back to school – Marvel bento lunchboxes.


Seedling superhero cape      Seedling mask

Seedling make fantastic craft kits for kids. This Design Your Own Superhero Cape is great for ages 4 and up. The kit contains a plain superhero cape, craft glue and brush, eva sheets and stars, felt sheets and shapes, coloured pencils, design page, glitter glue and tips for your design.

Seedling also have a Design Your Own Superhero Mask kit which contains a felt mask, felt shapes, felt sheets, glitter glue, craft glue and instructions.

lego keylight superman      lego keylight batman

These LEGO Superman and Batman keylights are great as a backpack accessory or used as a keyring. An added bonus is the inbuilt flashlight in the figures feet.

FP Little People Wonder Woman

This Fisher-Price Little People Wonder Woman Invisible Jet is super cute. Place Wonder Woman in the cockpit of her “invisible” jet to activate character phrases and sound effects.


There are many fantastic designers creating superhero themed homewares for kids. Here are a few of my favourites:

BLACK-BAT-KIDS-COAT-HANGER-510x600                    bat boys pillowcase

For the Batman fan, this Little Pop Studios Bat Kids Coat Hanger (available in black or white) and Bat Boys Pillowcase would make a great addition to any bedroom…..


batman wall hooks

… would these awesome bat mask wall hooks from Charlie and Jae.


the force cushions       Alijoy kids doona
Star Wars may not technically be classed as “superheroes” but this The Force Pillowcase from Alijoy Kids is too cute not to include. Alijoy Kids also has a range of hand printed Bat themed bed linen including this cool Superhero Doona Cover.


superhero cushions         superhero cushions 2

Love these funky Marvel logo and character superhero cushion covers spotted on Etsy.


Marvel tin signs collage
These Marvel retro tin signs would make great room decorations.
vintage comic clock

Another special addition to any bedroom would be this vintage comic square clock. Made in the UK, this solid wood clock features your choice of comic character. A great keepsake gift.


And let’s not forget books!


Marvel 75 years book          DC ultimate character guide

Marvel Comics 75 Years of Cover Art features 320 pages of amazing cover art plus facts about the artists and history of the comic covers. This special collectible edition is a great gift for any comic book fan.

DC Comics – The Ultimate Character Guide is a great guide to the DC Universe for readers 7 and up. Arranged in an easy-to-use A-Z format, this book devotes a full page to each character, covering both major characters such as Superman and Batman, as well as lesser-known characters such as Captain Boomerang and the Question. Might have to get this myself as I have no idea who the last two are.


first book of girl power

I was a bit dubious when I first spotted My First Book of Girl Power. I love the bright retro DC Comics images but was expecting text along the lines of “Wonder Woman has stars on her pants, a shiny bracelet and tiara” and “Look at Supergirl’s pretty red cape”. Instead this board book for toddlers introduces each character and explores their attributes and what makes them unique – “Batgirl can program any computer and enjoys reading when she’s not helping people.”


Sticker books make a handy and affordable gift for kids. LEGO do great sticker books with plenty of reusable stickers to keep kids busy.

lego sticker book    Lego star wars sticker book    Lego batman unltimate sticker book

LEGO DC Super Heroes: Heroes into Battle – Ultimate Sticker Collection (1000 stickers)

LEGO Star Wars Minifigures Ultimate Sticker Collection

LEGO Batman Ultimate Sticker Collection


Who is your favourite superhero?

Were you a fan of Superfriends?

Do you have a little (or big) superhero fan at home?

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