Great Australian gift ideas for kids

Great Australian gift ideas for kids

Happy Australia Day! How are you celebrating? I’ll be hanging with my family and friends, enjoying a BBQ by the pool, eating lamingtons, watching the cricket and listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. I’ll also be recovering from my birthday celebrations (21 again). My Mum was considerate enough to give birth to me on January 25 so I always have a public holiday to enjoy every year. Thanks Mum.

Last year the very lovely (and newly minted Australian citizen) Sammie from The Annoyed Thyroid asked me for some gift advice. She was wondering what Australiana themed gifts she should buy a one year old, nine year old and eleven year old to take back to the UK. Her question resulted in my post Help a reader out – Australiana gift ideas for kids. I had so much fun putting that post together that ever since, I can’t help but spot Aussie gifts when I’m out at the shops or scouring the interwebs.

So, in celebration of today, here are some of my favourite Australian gift ideas for kids that are quintessentially Australian, but definitely not ‘strayan…

Anything from Make Me Iconic

Make Me Iconic has so many fantastic original Australian gift ideas for kids – think premium souvenirs and designer home wares. There’s too many great gift ideas for kids to mention here but these three are my favourites:

Iconic Toy bickies

This collection of ten iconic Australian toy biscuits (wooden of course but just as delicious looking!) would make a perfect addition to any tea party. There’s an added educational bonus of numbers on the back of each biscuit for counting. Clever stuff.


threading blocks

Wooden threading blocks are a classic learning toy. Add in a ute, a pie with sauce, a lamington and a bundle of other Aussie icons and you have a very Australian gift.


Make Me Iconic fairy bread purse in action

I’ve featured this item a number of times in my gift guides but I still can’t go past the awesomeness that is the fairy bread sequin purse.


Beautiful room décor

These stunning lampshades from Perth’s Future Shelter are inspired by the Botanic Gardens of Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia. They would make a beautiful keepsake gift and addition to any nursery or kid’s room.

Wattle lamp  Grevillea Garden - lamp



Havianas Aussie blue and white

For any American readers out there, don’t freak out. We’re talking flip-flops here. I made the mistake of asking for a pair of thongs when I was in Hawaii and was greeted with a pair of raised eyebrows. I’ve never made that mistake again. These Kids Aussie Blue and White thongs tick all the boxes – practical, Australian colours and stylish (I might be stretching that point but they’re as stylish as thongs can be).


Cookie cutters


Use them for biscuits, watermelon or with play dough. These Australian cookie cutters are great for little and big kids.



Posssum Magic

When I think of Australian picture books the first title that pops into my head is the classic Possum Magic by Mem Fox. There are many other fabulous Australian titles out there from talented authors. To discover even more, be sure to check out the recent lists from picture book queen Shannon at Oh Creative Day. She has been featuring #26daysofaussiepicturebooks on her blog. So many beautiful books that would make great gifts.


Australian chocolate

Furry Friends

Kids love chocolate. I love chocolate. Sure, there’s always Tim Tams, Freddo Frogs or Caramello Koalas, but I can never go past Furry Friends.


Which Australian gift ideas are quintessentially Australian to you?

What’s your favourite Australian picture book?

What’s your favourite Aussie chocolate? Will you share some with me?!

Some of these suggestions feature affiliate links. You won’t pay any more however I will receive a small commission which goes towards the running of this blog. As always, every item I feature on Gift Grapevine is something I love and would love to give!