Gifts that parents hate (but kids love)

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Every year I hit the sales for my annual post-Christmas shop and half day break from the tornadoes. Apart from the usual argy-bargy from overzealous shoppers, I always notice large numbers of shoppers returning unwanted gifts.

Perfumes and clothing I can understand. Perfumes can smell awful and not suit you and clothes may not fit. However every year I see people swapping gifts for completely different items – one woman at a register in front of me this year swapped a pair of pyjamas and put the money towards a new handbag.

Call me strange but I would feel incredibly guilty doing something like that. I’m a horrible liar so would get caught out when asked how my new pyjamas were going…

Seeing this did get me thinking about gifts for kids. There are gifts that you just don’t give kids, unless you intentionally want to inflict pain on the parents. These are gifts that parents hate (but kids love).

hungry hungry hippos

My Mum could not stand Hungry Hungry Hippos. As a 5 year old I thought it was the best thing ever. Today as a parent, I can completely understand my Mum’s thinking – lots of noise and little marbles flying everywhere and getting lost (and potentially choking Mr TT) is not my idea of fun.

musical instruments2

I present to you our musical instrument collection. Also known as “the box of pain”. I’m all for encouraging kids and music but waking up to Miss T playing recorder and Mr TT on a bird whistle at 5.30am is not an enjoyable experience.

Let’s not forget talking toys with inane sayings, toys with overly chirpy music and toys with non-existent volume settings (except for LOUD).


Then there are the toys that take up a ridiculous amount of space. My older sister thought she was getting revenge a couple of years ago when she gave Miss T a noisy Dora microphone. She said it was payback for when I bought my niece a giant inflatable penguin. The problem was, I didn’t buy the penguin. It was my other sister. I still got stuck with the noisy Dora microphone.

Giant stuffed toys are cute but massively impractical dust gatherers. They are the reason I started this blog. Sure, a 27 inch giant tiger looks pretty cool but seriously, where will he go and what will a kid actually do with him (apart from hug him to death for the first 5 minutes)?


Of course all of these gifts are usually ones that kids go nuts over. If I want to stay on the good side of my friends and family, I’ll continue to avoid noisy or overly large impractical gifts. If I want to be a complete douchebag and inflict pain on parents but look like a hero to the kids, then it’s recorders and whistles for everybody!

Do you have any toys in your house that you can’t stand (but your kids love?)

Have any of these toys mysteriously disappeared?

Have you ever swapped a gift for something completely different?

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