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We all have childhood memories of gifts we were given. Some gifts were coveted while others made us cringe. I love to hear stories of childhood gifts and who better to ask than my favourite bloggers?

Rachel is the brains behind Parenting Central, a blog full of ideas, information and support for parents. I love Rachel’s authentic blogging style and admire her passion for topics close to her heart such as birthing rights, mental health, feminism, breastfeeding, and babywearing.

Rachel is also the go-to source for all things prams. Although her kids are now older, her pram obsession remains strong and Parenting Central features fantastic pram reviews. I wish her blog was around when Handy Hubby and I were trying to decide on a pram back in 2009!

Here, Rachel shares her favourite (soft and fluffy) childhood gift memories…

What was your favourite gift you were given as a kid or teen?

Can I pick two? This has been an almost lifelong dilemma for me – I can’t decide which of my two childhood bears was my favourite! I had a black bear called “Black Bear” and a pink teddy called “Pink Ted”. Clearly I was a super creative when it came to naming my teddies.

Who gave them to you?

Pink Ted was from my Dad and Black Bear was from Santa (aka my Mum).

How old were you?

Pink Ted was my very first bear. I was born at night and first thing in the morning my Dad went to a local florist and bought Mum some flowers and me a bear. Whereas I given Black Bear when I was around four or five years old.

Do you still have Pink Ted and Black Bear?

Yep, though they live in a plastic bag in the garage! Sorry teddies! I do still love you!!!

Are they something your kids would play with now?

Honestly, no. I haven’t let my kids have them. Firstly because they’re a bit old and raggedy. And also because I am a bit precious about them. They’re mine. All mine. Only mine. Sorry kids. But my kids have half a billion of their own damned soft toys anyway. They really don’t need to have mine as well!

Any other details or special memories of this gift?

I used to take my teddies with my EVERYWHERE. And I’d feel super guilty if I could only take one. I really felt they’d be jealous of each other. Which is why still I can’t choose between them! Even now. I love them both equally. It’s like choosing which of my children I love the most – impossible.

Also they both stayed on my bed until I moved in with my partner. Which was okay, because then I had him to cuddle and keep me safe from monsters under the bed!

A big thank you to Rachel for sharing her gift memories and getting Pink Ted and Black Bear out of their plastic bag in the garage for a photo. I too am precious about my tornadoes playing with my beloved “Mim” Minnie Mouse childhood stuffed toy!

Be sure to follow Rachel on her Parenting Central blog, Facebook, Instagram and You Tube.

What was your favourite stuffed toy when you were a kid? Do you still have it?

Do you let your kids play with your favourite toys?


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