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Gift Grapevine My gift memories - Have A Laugh On Me

We all have childhood memories of gifts we were given. Some gifts were coveted while others made us cringe. I love to hear stories of childhood gifts and who better to ask than my favourite bloggers?

Have A Laugh On Me was one of the first blogs I read when I discovered the world of blogging. Writer Emily is honest and funny plus she writes the best blog titles in the business. How could you not want to click on titles like ‘The day I almost drove off the Sydney Harbour Bridge’, ‘A really bad poem about marriage’, ‘Adult conversations are crack to kids’, ‘Top 10 ways cats are like husbands’, and ‘Usually I steer clear of embarrassing my kids but ….’

Her post about gender stereotypes, Who says boys can’t wear nail polish! is still one of my very favourites.

When she’s not “fumbling her way through parenting three kids” or managing her writing business Write Styling, you can find this journalist, freelance writer and smarty pants on Have A Laugh On Me or indulging in her latest obsession of playing with the Face Swap Live app.

Emily’s favourite childhood gift memory involves something many of us will remember. I’d go as far as saying it was a must-have item of the 1980s…


What was your favourite gift you were given as a kid or teen?

I was born and bred on a farm in NZ that was about 45 minutes from ‘town’, which wasn’t that far but back in the 1970/80s it was a HUGE distance. We only went to the local village about twice a month and even then mum sometimes went without us. When she came home the big treats we got were icing covered finger buns. There were no such things as random gifts from the supermarket or shops.

This is why every birthday and Christmas was SO special. This is when we got some pretty cool stuff, like my green Swatch Watch! Back in the late 1980s this was THE gift for anyone who was anyone.


Gift Grapevine My gift memories - Have A Laugh On Me - Swatch Watch


Who gave it to you?

My parents gave it to me for my birthday. It came in a hard case and I nearly passed out with happiness when I got it. I even kept all the useless instructions that come with it. In fact I probably kept it in the box when I took it off each night because I did not want my younger sister touching it.

How old were you?

From the size of my teeth and that smile, not to mention my fabulous chicken legs that I somehow lost along the way, I was about 10 or 11. I do remember that the photo was taken PURELY to show off my watch, can’t you tell?

Do you still have it?

I wish! I think it might have got lost or wet because I used to wear it all the time, like when I was helping my dad on the farm mustering the sheep or cows.

Is it something your kids would play with now?

Yes I think that once my kids are older they would love such a watch. Or maybe they have way too many cool things already that they don’t appreciate. Back then we were so grateful for the smallest things. I do miss this about the era we lived in and sometimes I wish my kids were growing up as I was, away from the hype and craziness of ‘town’ and in the country.

Any other details or special memories of this gift?

I do remember that it was quite hard to tell the time because there weren’t many numbers, in fact I don’t think there were any! But I could see the mechanics of it working away inside and that’s all that mattered right?



A big thank you to Emily for sharing her gift memories and fantastic flashback photo. Be sure to follow Emily on her Have A Laugh On Me blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Did you own a Swatch watch?

What accessory did you love when you were a kid?


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