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We all have childhood memories of gifts we were given. Some gifts were coveted while others made us cringe. I love to hear stories of childhood gifts and who better to ask than my favourite bloggers?

Kylie is a mum to two little people and blogs at Kidgredients. When I’m stuck for school lunch ideas or new snacks for my tornadoes, her blog is my first stop for inspiration. Whether it’s a round up of freezer friendly lunchbox items, new recipe ideas or her famous annual lunchbox reviews, Kylie’s love of food, school lunches and having fun with her kids in the kitchen shines through on the pages of Kidgredients. I’ve also met her in real life so I can confirm she’s lovely too!

Here, Kylie shares her favourite childhood gift memories. I do love a 1980s Barbie flashback…

What was your favourite gift you were given as a kid or teen?

My favourite ever gift was my Barbie surf shop.  It had surfboards, sun cream, clothes, skateboards and roller blades as part of the setup.

I would spend absolutely ages getting it all set up absolutely perfectly. I loved lining up the skates and sunglasses and everything to make it exactly as it was on the box.

I also got a red headed Barbie at the same.  Being a red head, it was incredibly exciting to get a redheaded Barbie.  But she set unrealistic goals for me for the rest of my life, as she had a tan, something I never have had!  I’ve got two surfer Barbies, both shown in the picture.  Their clothes were swappable and I loved changing them around to make different mix and match outfits.

Who gave it to you?

It was given to me for Christmas, but by that stage in life the whole Santa vs Mum and Dad thing was still a little fluid, as I was continuing to believe in Santa as I had been told you didn’t get presents from Santa when you no longer believe.

How old were you?

I think I was about 10 when I was given it for Christmas.

Do you still have it?

Yes I do.  My mother recently gave me all my Barbie dolls and their accessories.  It was in mint condition.  The photos show all the cool things that were part of it, roller skates, surfboards, skateboards, visors, sunglasses heaps of awesome stuff!


Is it something your kids would play with now?

My daughter does, but being a lot younger, she doesn’t treat it the same as I did.  I have to hold myself back when she’s setting it up incorrectly. It’s great though as there are lots of little bits and pieces to play with and make the whole experience more fun.

Any other details or special memories of this gift?

There were even little bottles of sunscreen and lotion and things, but I can’t find them right now – mainly because they are “fairy size” and my daughter has popped them in her fairy garden!


A big thank you to Kylie for sharing her gnarly Barbie gift memories and for setting up the surf shop again to take photos (and no doubt have a play for old times sake!). Be sure to follow Kylie on her Kidgredients blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Were you a Barbie fan as a kid?

Which Barbie sets and accessories did you love?


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