Gift ideas for a baby and new mum – from mums who have been there

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When Miss TT was born 4 years ago, I had no idea what to expect.  Luckily, 6 weeks later I was thrown into a small room with a Child Health Nurse and 12 other first time mums. That first meeting of tired souls and crying babies developed into a wonderful mums group that is still going strong to this day.

Who better to ask what their favourite gifts were than this collection of awesome women who have made my last 4 years even more enjoyable.  I know I can enjoy a laugh, share stories, ask for advice and feedback and have a good old whinge and they will understand what I am going through.

So what were the gifts that we received when our kids were born that we most loved and used and what were the items that we didn’t find as useful?

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For me it was a good quality baby blanket.  I love the Little Bonbon blanket my mums group gave me when Mr TT was born – so handy, especially in the pram.  Large, good quality muslin wraps were great in the early months and then after that stage, I couldn’t have lived without my Bubbaroo sleeping bags – such great quality and the white colour with stone binding was fantastic as they were suitable for both Miss and Mr TT.

My sister’s hand me down copy of Baby Love was a reassuring reference tool I could constantly turn to in the first 12 months.  Marquise singlets were another fantastic gift (size 000 or larger).  They are a beautiful soft cotton that wash so well and don’t stretch or go out of shape.  Once again, these were useful for both bubs (I love the white singlets embroided with duckies – so cute).

Another well-worn gift was my copy of the Australian Women’s Weekly Baby and Toddler Food cookbook.  I love giving this as a gift as it is something that is rarely given but is such as straight-forward cookbook covering breast and bottle feeding, to those first months of weaning and later into toddler and family food.

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I also loved having a great play mat, hooded towel, padded trolley seat and quality bath toys like the Green Toys tugboat, stacking cups and bath/shower TV mirror – so much use and enjoyment from all these items!

I’ll be the first to back up the comment about white flannelette nappies. I used heaps of these but they were more commonly known in our house as “spew towels”.  Years later, they now make handy cleaning rags.

And what were the gifts that didn’t get the same amount of attention?

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For me it was stuffed toys.  So many stuffed toys.  There were also a bundle of baby lotions, shampoos and soaps that stayed in the cupboard.  Miss TT had a bad case of eczema so couldn’t use most of these products for her first year.  I also found that fancy clothing like baby dresses, although very cute, weren’t practical and didn’t get much wear.

There were some items we didn’t agree on. The Gro Egg for example was one where one mum found it too bright for her bub’s room.  Others couldn’t live without it as it provided a comforting light and gave peace of mind regarding bub’s room temperature.  What we all agreed on however were a plethora of bad quality muslin wraps, baby shoes, impractical baby clothes and of course, stuffed toys.  These were the items that didn’t float our boat!

What gifts do you love to give a baby or new mum?

If you are a mum, what were your favourite baby gifts? Did you receive anything that you didn’t find useful?

For more gift ideas for babies and new mums, visit Gift Grapevine on Pinterest.

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