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Christmas Gift Ideas for 10 year olds - Gift Grapevine

Hooray! We made it to the final gift guide of the year. This time it’s all about what to buy kids aged 10 and over this Christmas. As kids get older, they become harder to buy for so here are some fun, practical and affordable gift ideas that I hope will help. OK, I’ll admit that the giant inflatable donut isn’t entirely practical, but it is pretty cool…..

This is not a sponsored post – all items are gifts I genuinely love to give, or would love to give!


Smiggle headphones    smiggle headphones glow in dark

Such a useful gift – these Smiggle sport headphones plug into any device, including iPads and iPods. Glow in the dark headphones are also available!


lego minecraft

Minecraft Lego has finally been released just in time for Christmas. Kids obsessed with Minecraft will go nuts over the variety of sets.


paper airplane

I think some adults would love this just as much as the kids (Handy Hubby certainly would). This book is a collection of easy-to-fold paper airplane designs and innovative theories of flight, including the author’s own Guinness World Record-breaking airplane.

pavement boys pjs  Target boys PJs  CR nightie  Seed girls PJs

Pyjamas are always a fantastic and practical gift for kids. Look for designs in 100% cotton knit for all important comfort and easy washing.


My nieces love the Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers range of perfumes (each scent has a different doll cap). Cute enough to appeal to a “tween”, these perfumes also smell a lot better than the many kid’s perfumes on the market!



Tickets to an event – sporting, music, dance or theatrical – are a great gift and experience for kids. My very first rock concert as a 10 year old is one of my fondest memories, as was going to the cricket with my Dad. In Australia, Big Bash League cricket matches provide a great family atmosphere. I can’t wait until Miss TT and Mr TT are old enough for us to go as a family (go Scorchers!).


movie gift voucher

Vouchers are always a popular choice as kids love going on a mini shopping spree and choosing something all by themselves – think surf stores, iTunes cards, movie vouchers or stationery shops like Smiggle, Kikki K or Typo (big favourites with my nieces).


cooking classes

When kids have too much “stuff” sometimes a voucher or course can be a great gift option – cooking classes, climbing gym, horse riding lessons or a zoo experience would all make wonderful gifts.

giant donut

There’s also a great selection of gift ideas in my recent post Baby & kids gift ideas for fun in the sun. The Lauren Hinkley charm bracelets, beach stamps and giant inflatable donuts have been very popular from this post (personally, I’m crushing on The Beach People ‘Roundie’ towel for myself!).

Jigsaw puzzles make excellent gifts, but how do you know which puzzles are appropriate for kids aged 10 and over? Too many pieces? Not enough pieces? Find out on my post How to choose the right jigsaw puzzle

Don’t forget books!

Books make wonderful gifts. I will always stick with my gift giving rule of “if in doubt, give a book”. From classics to fantastic new series, there are some great titles to choose from for this age group that will suit all tastes.

mapmaker chronicles    Hover Car Racer    mosquito advertising    Narnia

Mystery, monsters, murder and mayhem all feature in The Mapmaker Chronicles, an action-packed adventure that will appeal to boys and girls alike.

I’m a big fan of Matthew Reilly’s non-stop action and adventure books. Hover Car Racer is another exciting release by Reilly and one that is perfect for any boys aged 10+ who may be reluctant readers. It’s been described by The Age newspaper as “High-octane Harry Potter”!

Katie Crisp has a nose for trouble and an eye for advertising. When her family soft drink company is in threat of being taken over and shut down by a giant international company, Katie and her friends open Mosquito Advertising to try and save the family business. They remind me of a modern day group of Enid Blyton teens! The Parfizz Pitch is one of 3 titles in the Mosquito Advertising series by Australian author Kate Hunter.

A classic fantasy series – The Complete Chronicles Of Narnia 50th Anniversary Edition would make a wonderful keepsake gift. This edition features the seven books – The Magician’s Nephew, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy, Prince Caspian, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Silver Chair, and The Last Battle.


childrens books daily

Series for Readers Age 10 – YA is a great blog post by Megan at Children’s Books Daily. It’s worth checking out if you are after book series suggestions for this age group.

For even more gift ideas for kids aged 10 and over, visit the ‘Gift Ideas: Ages 10 +’ and ‘Gift Ideas: Books for 10 year olds +’ boards on Pinterest.

What gifts do you love to give 10+ year olds?

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