Fantastic free Halloween printables

Fantastic free Halloween printables pin

Halloween seems to be a bigger event here each year. I’m not sure whether it’s increased marketing, greater influence from the US or that my tornadoes are getting to an age where they are showing interest in Halloween and spooky things. All I know is that Halloween is a bit of fun and lets me dust off my dubious crafting abilities and have fun with my tornadoes.

As a kid I recall trick or treating once or twice but it wasn’t a big deal. I do remember very clearly the year when my Mum forgot to buy treats for Halloween. In a desperate attempt to find something to give to kids who came to our door, she gave out muesli bars. I remember being so embarrassed I refused to answer the door. I have no idea how our house wasn’t egged or TP’ed that night. All I know is that we have never let Mum forget it and every Halloween since, she has been prepared with a bowlful of treats.

Miss T and Mr TT aren’t quite ready for trick or treating just yet but there’s no reason why we can’t join in the Halloween fun. With Miss T’s obsession for craft and colouring-in showing no signs of waning, here’s a bundle of free printables and fun craft ideas for some spooky fun.


sweet-spooky-little-coloring-page  witchshoes_coloringsheet

pumpkin_mandala       Halloween_connect_dots

I love the 9 fun free printable colouring in pages compiled by Cool Mom Picks – from kiddie colouring in pictures to dot-to-dots and pumpkin mandalas for bigger kids, there’s a great selection to choose from.



There’s colouring pages, and then there’s colouring pages. This giant free printable Halloween colouring page from Mr Printables is made of 10 sheets put together, full of monsters, ghosts and strange creatures from the basement to the attic.


halloween-word-search-mid        printable-maze-skull

Mr Printables has also come to the party with some fantastic Halloween mazes and word search puzzles.


Halloween hanging bats

Some black craft foam, googly eyes and fishing line are the key things you’ll need to create these cool hanging bats. HGTV even provide the bat template to download.


10 spooky crafts - Adventures in Domesticity

The lovely Zoe from Adventures in Domesticity has recently shared 10 spooky Halloween crafts that are quick, easy and fun to make. If you feel like getting your craft on with the kids then be sure to check out this excellent round-up.



My tornadoes would love these free printable Tic-Tac labels. Based on their sense of humour, they’d be won over by “Ghost Poop” alone!


halloween door

And finally, we’ll be decorating our front door again this year with this simple and not-so-scary monster face. I saw this on Mums Grapevine last year and was inspired to try it out. Amazing what you can do with some crete paper, paper plates and masking tape!


Do you have fun with Halloween in your house?

Have you ever forgotten the treats for trick or treaters?!



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