The ultimate guide to buying experience gifts for kids

Whether you are on a Marie Kondo minimalism frenzy or you just don’t want to add any more toys to the toy box, experience gifts for kids are a brilliant way to go and increasing in popularity.

If you want to give experiences instead of toys to the kids in your life, here is everything you need to know…

Dos and don’ts of experience gifts for kids

Gift experiences for children can be amazing. But they can also go down like a lead balloon if you don’t get them quite right. Follow these simple tips to ensure you nail it every time you give experiences instead of gifts.

Do consider who you need to buy for

Avoid buying gift experiences for children that they can’t do buy themselves. E.g. only buying one ticket to a performance or a single zoo ticket. Consider whether they will need an adult to attend with them and factor that additional cost into your budget for the gift

Do confirm dates

Check with the parents in advance if the experience must be used on a particular date. You don’t want the gift to go unused because they weren’t available on that date!

Do make it a special occasion

If you are buying the gift for your own child but it ends up being a whole family activity, do something to make them feel extra special, like packing a cupcake in their lunch box for them,  or allowing them to choose where you eat lunch that day. If their siblings are also going on the experience, it can lose a little it’s sheen for them but a simple extra will make them feel special.

Don’t forget the T&Cs

Be sure to check any expiry dates or terms and conditions when you are buying the gift and pass on all the relevant information with the gift (e.g. if tickets need to be printed or a booking needs to be made).

Consider the age and ability of the child before buying the gift, and if you aren’t sure whether they will be able to participate, ask their parents. Some experiences may also have height or age limits so avoid any disappointment by checking prior.

Don’t forget that bigger doesn’t mean better

The best experience gift for kids doesn’t need to be an expensive concert or annual pass. It can be as simple as movie tickets or a bowling voucher or even just a day catching the train around the city with you! It’s about giving the child an experience and memories

Gift experiences for children

Where to buy gift experiences for children

So you know what to do and what not to do when buying activity gifts but where do you buy the best experience gifts for kids? Here are six Aussie local places that will cater to all interests and ages!

Affiliate links included below.

My Best Gift

Designed specifically as a marketplace for experience gifts for kids, My Best Gift has it all for all ages from newborn to 18. Catering to a huge range of interests, you will find everything from workshops and classes to party experiences, gifts under $50, activities for the school holidays and even gifts for mum.

The greatest thing to love about My Best Gift is that it was designed for experience presents for kids. There is no sifting through age inappropriate options to find the right ones. You can search by age range, location, occasion, price and the type of experience you are seeking.

Code Camp

A school holiday activity the kids will love and that will skill them up in coding. It’s a win/win. Code Camps run for various ages and stages in the school holidays around Australia.

With programs for kids aged 5-13, kids will learn practical skills ranging from the basics of coding through to building their own website. With the dominance of technology in their future a certainty, this is an experience gift that will really make a difference.

If you are in NSW you can also use your Creative Kids voucher to save $100!

Merlin Annual Pass

This is a great pass that gives you access to multiple attractions across Sydney, Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast and New Zealand. Think SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and Wild Life Zoo in Sydney and LEGOLAND Discover Centre in Melbourne.

You will need to purchase a pass for each member of the family so it’s not a cheap option but if you know it will be used then it is a great option! The Merlin Annual Pass can be purchased from the LEGOLAND website.

Adrenaline Kids

Adrenaline has just launched experience listings for kids due to the demand they saw for family activity gifts. Shop anything from theme park tickets to indoor skydiving, zoo tickets and more.

You can search by age with experience listings for kids aged 0-13. You can also search by state and price to narrow the options relevant to you. Adrenaline has specialised in experience gifts for many years now, so Adrenaline Kids is sure to become a go-to for activity gifts for kids.


An experience gift doesn’t always have to be an adrenaline pumping day out. Classes also make great gifts, especially for kids. At ClassBento you can find workshops and classes to gift.

While they do have some classes listed in other cities, the majority of classes are located in Sydney. The classes vary across a range of interests from crafts like origami to woodworking, chocolate making, singing, meditation, languages and more.

They also have a listings page for kids activities to make your search for the perfect activity gift for kids.


Another option for finding experience gifts for the whole family, ExperienceOz lists more than 3,000 experiences across Australia and New Zealand in 50+ regions.

While they don’t specifically list experiences for the kids, you can search for kid-friendly activities to narrow down the search – perfect if you are looking for a family activity gift.

How to wrap an experience gift

How to wrap an experience gift

While experiences instead of toys can actually be a really exciting gift for a child, they don’t quite pack the same punch when it comes to unwrapping them.

The question of how to wrap an experience gift is really answered by the bounds of your imagination, but here are a few ideas for wrapping experiences instead of toys:

  • Place the voucher or card at the centre of a pass the parcel style gift so they have to unwrap the various layers to get the prize. This can work with boxes or layers or wrapping paper and certainly adds to the fun of the gift experience
  • If you are creative you could hide the gift voucher or experience details somewhere (e.g. in the garden or under their bed) and create a treasure map or clues for the child to find it. This relies on a bit more creativity but can be loads of fun
  • Depending on the experience you could also gift them something that goes along with the gift such as a backpack or hat. Place the experience voucher inside the wrapping or the card and voila
  • Hide the experience voucher at the bottom of a large box filled with balloons or paper shreds. This is relatively inexpensive but big on “wow” factor
  • Alternatively you could give the child a bunch of balloons with the experience voucher rolled up inside one of the balloons. They need to pop them all to find their gift. Obviously this one isn’t for more nervous kids but for one who can handle popping balloons it is a super fun idea
  • Roll the experience voucher up and place it in a bottle with lollies or little trinkets. It is a sweet message in a bottle idea that also has something inside for them to enjoy immediately

So there you have it, the ultimate in experience presents for kids. What to do, where to buy them and how to wrap them. Happy gifting!

This post includes affiliate links. If you make a purchase I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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