Love this city: Embracing the elements in the school holidays

Love this city - embrace the elements winter rollerland

I was kindly invited to the launch of the Winter Rollerland by the City of Perth. All opinions, childhood memories and dodgy skating moves are my own. My tornadoes are now asking for roller skates for Christmas…

It took a visit to the city last week with my tornadoes to realise that I’ve been taking my city for granted.

Perth is a relatively small city but to my kids, it’s huge. Seeing the excitement of visiting the “big city” through their eyes was magical. It took me back to my own childhood city visits. Catching the bus with my older sister to see a movie. Visiting my Dad at his work “city tower” and doing cartwheels down the office hallways. Feeling so grown up when I was finally allowed to travel into the city on my own with friends to go shopping.

These days I’m in and out of the city to work each week but never stop and enjoy what it has to offer. It’s time I learnt to love my city again!

Winter school holidays may not seem like the best time to get out and about but these school holidays I plan to change that. I’m going to embrace the elements and see the city through the eyes of my tornadoes.

Embrace the elements - Winter Rollerland skating with the tornadoes

We’ll be heading back to Winter Rollerland – a free pop up roller rink in Forrest Place for kids aged 3 – 12 (there’s also family and big kid sessions). Our little family was lucky to be invited to the launch last week and I’m pleased to report that, having not skated in 20 years, I didn’t completely disgrace myself. Just like riding a bike!

Embrace the elements - Winter Rollerland skating with Miss T

The tornadoes loved their first ever roller skating experience and have been at me to go again. Winter Rollerland runs from July 1 – 16 with six sessions each day. Even skate hire is free (although pros are welcome to bring their own). You can find out more and book your session here – get in quick for this one!

There’s plenty more free family activities as part of the City of Perth Winter Arts Season which we’ll be checking out. We plan a long awaited trip to the Art Gallery of Western Australia – there’s a very cool Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition which I can’t wait to see. I’m a massive sneaker fan and will most likely drool over the collection of around 150 pairs of sneakers from the 1830s to today.

There’s also some interactive fun to be had at the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Education and Heritage Centre. We’ve been wanting to visit this free museum for a while now – the tornadoes will love the real fire trucks as well as the dress up corner and activity areas.

I may have lived here my whole life but, thanks to my tornadoes, I’m finding out there’s a lot more to discover in the city.

Do your kids love visiting the “big city”?

How do you plan to embrace the elements these school holidays?

When was the last time you roller skated?!


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