Christmas craft for kids – IKEA GADDIS basket hack

Christmas craft for kids - IKEA GADDIS basket hack

I am far from a crafty mum. My tornadoes can’t get enough of craft activities yet I run a mile from a smattering of glitter, gloopy glue and pom poms. This all changes, however, when the festive season kicks in. Then it’s all about Christmas craft for kids.

There’s something about the holidays that makes me keen on craft. I love a free printable and find myself looking for ideas of fun and festive things to do with the tornadoes. Without the glitter of course. Let’s not get too crazy.

I spotted this cool IKEA hack earlier this year on Pinterest. With GADDIS baskets now available in Australia, I decided to give the idea a festive spin and try it out with the tornadoes.

Strap yourselves in – things are going to get crafty…

IKEA ‘GADDIS’ basket hack for kids

What you’ll need:

1 x GADDIS 32cm natural basket per child ($7.95 each from IKEA – the basket, not the child)
Poster paints in your choice of colours
Christmas baubles, pom poms or other decorations for decorating the basket
Paper towels (whenever we craft, these are essential!)

The thought of my tornadoes painting inside the house terrifies me so I set them up outside. I lay down a few old towels on our pavers, squirted poster paints into disposable plastic bowls and they soon set to work painting their baskets.

Christmas craft for kids - IKEA GADDIS basket hack painting

Miss T went for traditional red and green Christmas colours.

Christmas craft for kids - Miss T painting

Mr TT just wanted to use every colour possible to make a “rainbow basket”.

Christmas craft for kids - Mr TT painting

The tornadoes had a great time painting their baskets. The set up time, materials required and mess created was minimal which made my job easy. They are rather proud of their creations and plan on using them to carry gifts in on Christmas day.

After the success of this activity, we plan to get our craft on with more easy Christmas craft for kids including some fun activities I’ve spotted from fellow bloggers:

Wool-wrapped Christmas ornaments by Families Magazine

Colouring-in with this great selection of printables from Picklebums

DIY wrapping paper inspired by Living Loving Laughing

Pretty much any craft activity by primary school teacher and craft-master Shannon at Oh Creative Day

Plus there’ll be our annual salt dough decorations using Shannon’s recipe which we use to decorate our gifts.

Christmas craft for kids - salt dough ornaments

By this stage, I’ll be completely crafted out and wondering what the hell I was thinking. But I’ll look at the happy faces of my tornadoes and realise that it’s worth it. If at least to avoid any sibling fighting for those brief, craft-filled moments!

Are you keen on Christmas craft for kids?

What do your kids love to create at Christmas time?


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