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Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - cover art

Have you ever spotted a book cover that made you smile and you knew you just had to buy it?

That’s how I felt when I first saw Kitchen Disco. The sight of a banana DJing on the cover (spinning a Bananarama album) and the bright rainbow colours of the font instantly made me grab it off the bookstore shelf to see if the story lived up to the cover art.

Kitchen Disco is a fantastically fun rhyming picture book for kids aged 3 to 6 about fruit coming to life and partying in the kitchen after dark. It’s the first book from author Clare Foges, a former speechwriter who, at age 27, was writing speeches for UK Prime Minister David Cameron. She wrote Kitchen Disco in a day on holiday in Gambia and describes Al Murphy’s illustrations as “bright and slightly demented”.


Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - Pineapple  Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - Lemons


There’s a lot to smile about in Kitchen Disco –  breakdancing lemons, an ultra-cool high-fiving pineapple, twirling tangerines, over-excited apples, and plenty of other funky fruit.

Here’s what my two tornadoes Miss T (6) and Mr TT (3) have to say…

Me: What is the book about?
Miss T: All the fruits have a disco in their kitchen.
Mr TT: Yeah! Kitchen Disco!


Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - shake your pips


Me: Who is your favourite character?
Miss T: Tangerine because she’s funny.
Mr TT: She’s so cheeky! I like the ‘nana best because he does the splits and says “oww!”


Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - Tangerine  Gift Grapevine Kitchen Disco book review - DJ Banana


Me: What do you like best about the book?
Miss T: I like this book because it’s funny and I like the rainbow colours. It’s really colourful.
Mr TT: I like how they made the ‘nana do the splits. It’s so funny and he says “oww!”


This book has become a firm favourite in our house and always guarantees a giggle. As you can see from the in-depth interview above, Mr TT is especially taken with DJ Banana.

If you want to move your hips, shake your pips and get all excited – Kitchen Disco is the book for you.

What books are you currently enjoying?

You can find Kitchen Disco online at Gift Grapevine’s Booktopia affiliate or your local independent bookseller.

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