Book reviews by kids, for kids: Splat the Cat

splat the cat cover

I’m always interested to see what comes home in Miss T’s school library bag each week. Friday is library day and she loves choosing her own book to bring home, usually with some help from her lovely school librarian.

However this term I’ve noticed a trend. The same character is making his way into her book bag each week. Meet Splat the Cat, a curious and friendly feline created by Rob Scotton, bestselling creator of Russell the Sheep.

Our first introduction to Splat was in the book Splat the Cat. It’s all about Splat’s first day at school. He wakes in the morning and is worried. He won’t know anyone at school. What if he doesn’t make any friends? Just in case, he decides to pack his pet mouse Seymour in his lunchbox. Of course you can imagine how well taking a mouse to cat school goes down with all the students!

Splat the cat

Miss T’s thoughts on Splat the Cat:

“I like Splat the Cat because Splat is funny and so is his Mummy. Before school his Mummy curls his hair and brushes it and it looks so funny. When it was milk time at school, the cupboard was stuck and the cats couldn’t have their milk. And then Seymour helped open it and every cat went “yay!!!” which was really funny. The teacher is called Mrs Wimpydimple which is a funny name.”

As you can tell, Miss T thinks Splat is funny.

So far we’ve enjoyed reading books about Splat’s first day at school, his crush on Kitten (a girl cat he likes even more than fish sticks and ice cream), his attempts to cheer up a sick Seymour and we’ve also joined detective Splat in solving a mystery.

Love Splat  Splat says thank you  Secret Agent Splat

I think Miss T is drawn to these titles because Splat’s adventures mirror her own as a 5 year old. He’s relatable, curious about the world and, of course, funny. Mr TT is also a fan and, based on his giggles, finds the illustrations rather hilarious.

There’s many more Splat books in the series. As much as I want Miss T to explore books about every topic under the sun, I hope she brings home other Splat titles next term so we can read more of his adventures together.

Splat books are great for kids aged 4 – 7. There’s also “I Can Read” Splat titles available for first readers. They’re next on our list!

You can find Splat books online at Gift Grapevine’s Bookworld affiliate or your local independent bookseller.

Have you met Splat?

Which book characters are favourites in your house?


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