Book reviews by kids, for kids: Hooray for Fish!


Hooray for Fish! is one of my regular go-to books – not just for reading to the tornadoes but also for gifting to friends with very young kids.

Written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins (the creator of Maisy) it’s a fun read and the illustrations are bright and friendly with lots to talk about.

After Mr TT’s indepth review of the Amazing Machines series last month, it’s now Miss T’s turn. At age five, she is never short of words and has loved this book ever since my Nanna gave it to her as a one year old.

Me: “What is the book about?”

Miss T: “It’s about Little Fish who swims in water and meets lots of fishy friends. At the end Little Fish kisses his Mum.”

Me: “Which fish character is your favourite?”

Miss T: “My favourite is Shelly Fish because it does a peek-a-boo out of its shell.”

At this point Mr TT chimes in…

Mr TT: “Me like the red fish”

No surprises there – Mr TT is obsessed with anything red at the moment.

pages from hooray for fish

Me: “What is your favourite thing about this book?”

Miss T: “When Little Fish’s Mum kisses him at the end of the book because we give each other kisses too.”

It’s also my favourite part of the book. We all read together…

“Hello, Mum. Hello, Little Fish. Kiss, kiss, kiss, Hooray for fish!”

…and we give each other three kisses when we read the last page.

This book is a great gift for very young kids aged 0 – 3 years old. I find the board book version is better at withstanding overenthusiastic and grubby little fingers!

You can find Hooray for Fish! online at Gift Grapevine’s Bookworld affiliate or your local independent bookseller.

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Have you read Hooray for Fish!?

What is your favourite book to give very young kids?

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