Book reviews by kids, for kids: Hipster Harry Counts

Hipster Harry Counts

Hipster culture doesn’t seem to be dying down. A new generation of kids are asking where the marshmallow is with their babycino. Enter Harry, the new hipster kid on the block. Hipster Harry is the star of debut children’s book ‘Hipster Harry Counts’ by Melbourne’s Flynn and Fox Press (two primary school teachers, a graphic designer and a yogi) and illustrator Catherine Harper Shattock.

Born by the desire to develop a modern-day educational book for toddlers while still being unique and quintessentially Melbourne, Hipster Harry is a five year old Melburnian boy who lives with his family, and of course, enjoys the stereotypical hipster life – babycinos at the cool cafes, all things vintage and riding his fixie trike with his French bulldog.

When this book was sent to me for review, the cover image immediately made me smile. Hipster Harry is such a friendly and cool little dude. My tornadoes may not have giggled at the skinny leg black jeans, thick framed glasses or beanie like I did but they loved the bright colour of the cover and the fact that Harry was riding a red trike (Mr TT’s favourite colour) with a big bunch of balloons tied to the back.

Harry on bike.jpeg

After a cuddle on the couch and reading each page counting 1 through to 10, here is the in depth analysis from Miss T and Mr TT:

Upon seeing the book cover…

Mr TT: Look! He has a red bike!

Miss T: Mum, can I tie balloons to my bike?


Me: What was your favourite part of the book?

Mr TT: I like the number 1 ‘cos the man is making a babycino.

Hipster Harry barista

“One barista’s moustache combed so fine.”


Miss T: My favourite page is the number 6 because Harry does yoga just like we do at school.

Harry yoga poses

Miss T then astounded me by pointing to the illustrations of Harry in 6 various yoga poses…

Miss T: This is the bow pose. This one is the triangle and that one is the tree.


Who knew I had such hipster kids?!


This would make a unique and fun gift book for little ones. They can enjoy the super cute illustrations and rhyming text while counting from 1 to 10 and adults can spot the many hipster culture references including french bulldogs, mason jars, organic fruit, wooden trains, vinyl records, kombi vans and (of course) an op shop!

You can purchase Hipster Harry Counts online as well as at selected Melbourne cafes and markets. Hopefully this isn’t the last of Hipster Harry’s adventures. We’d love to see more of him.

Do you have a favourite counting book?

What things do you think of when you hear the word “hipster”?


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