Book reviews by kids, for kids: Good Night, Me

good night me

If you’re looking for a “going to sleep” book for toddlers, then Miss H (age 7) thinks she may have a winner for you.

This week’s review is of Good Night, Me by Andrew Daddo with illustrations by Emma Quay.


What was the story about?

The story is about a baby orangutan that could not go to sleep.

Who are the characters?

The characters are the baby orangutan and the Mum.

What was your favourite part?

My favourite part of the story is when the baby orangutan goes to sleep.

How does he get to sleep?

He says good night to all of his body – from his head down to his toes.  I liked it when he said good night to his feet and said “you’ve done a lot of running today”. He gets so sleepy from saying good night to all of his body parts, he falls asleep.

Who do you recommend this book for?

I’d recommend this book for kids aged 1 to 4.


Miss H even drew a picture of her favourite part of the book.

Miss H even drew a picture of her favourite part of the book.


And from me…..

This story from Andrew Daddo is charming and I love the calming pastel colours used by illustrator Emma Quay throughout the book. A lovely gift book for babies and toddlers.

You can find this book online at Gift Grapevine’s Bookworld affiliate or your local independent bookseller. For even more book suggestions, head to my Pinterest boards.

Have you and your child read Good Night, Me?

What is your favourite “going to sleep” book?


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