Book reviews by kids, for kids: Amazing Machines

Amazing Machines collage

Mr TT is obsessed with race cars, trains and anything with wheels that goes fast and is noisy (just like him).

His three favourite books of the moment come from the Amazing Machines series – Dazzling Diggers, Terrific Trains and Tremendous Tractors. These three books are a must read every night and we both know the words by heart.

I enjoy reading these books as the pictures are fun and bright, the words rhyme and there is something happpening on each page to talk about. Mr TT also loves the picture dictionary on the inside back page of each title which gives a simple description of the parts of that machine.

Amazing Machines inside books collage

But that’s enough from me. Here’s Mr TT’s indepth review of the books:

“Me like the tractor book. The tractor is red.”

Ok then…let’s try a review from my gorgeous goodson Mr TJ who is 4. Mr TJ’s Mum put me onto this series of books as they are big favourites in her house. It was Mr TJ’s speech therapist who first recommended the books as a way of encouraging discussion and increasing his vocabulary.

Me: “Mr TJ, which Amazing Machines book is your favourite?”
Mr TJ: “I’m not telling.”

This is going well. On further prodding, he was more forthcoming:

“I like the train book the best. My favourite train is the rocket train. I wanna drive a train.”

Mr TJ’s Mum tells me that Flashing Fire Engines and Dazzling Diggers are also on high rotation at their house.

Amazing Airplanes  Busy Boats  Cool Cars

Dazzling Digggers  Flashing Fire Engines  Rooaring Rockets

Super Submarines  Teriffic Trains  Tough Trucks

Tremendous Tractors  Amazing Machines story box - 5 books  Amazing Machines boxset

I find these books perfect for machine-mad pre-schoolers aged 3 to 5 who like to know how things work. All ten titles in the series are bright, fun and educational. Mr TT is always asking me questions when we read these books, especially when it comes to the picture dictionary page – “What’s that?” “What’s that?” “What’s that?”

You can find these books online at Gift Grapevine’s Bookworld affiliate or your local independent bookseller. For even more book suggestions, head to my Pinterest boards.

Have you read any of the Amazing Machines books?

Which is your favourite book for machine-mad kids?

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