Bath toys – the good, the bad & the ugly

Bath toys

I recently did a cleanout of our bath toy collection. Some tried and true favourites made the cut. Others I was happy to see the end of. You know the ones. Those squeezy toys that collect water and black bits of mould. Each time I squeeze out water little manky bits fly into the tub.

Mr TT is notoriously fussy when it comes to putting food in his mouth. Toys however are a different story. He will suck and chew anything he finds, including those manky bath toys.

What remained from the cleanout were the favourites – cups, boats, dinosaurs and bath books:

our bath toys.jpeg

I’m a big fan of giving bath toys as gifts to young kids. They make an original gift as they tend to be items that aren’t usually given, especially at baby showers. If chosen correctly, they can bring years of fun in the tub (or shower).

Here are our favourites. These are bath toys we love (and love to give) and have stood the test of time. The tornadoes give these a no mankiness guarantee!

green toys submarine    green toys tugboat

One of my favourite gifts to give is a Green Toys tugboat or submarine. These are quality bath toys that are sturdy and float well with a large spout for scooping and pouring water. Made from 100% recycled materials, I find them fantastic to wash away shampoo when washing hair in the bath. Both the tugboat and sub are popular with the tornadoes but personally, I find the tugboat is easier for pouring water.


Tolo bath duck

We’ve had lots of rubber duckies come and go but the one that has lasted the distance is the Tolo Bath Duck. That’s Miss T as a baby pictured at the top of this post having a stare off with her Tolo duck. It’s one of my favourite photos.

Tolo ducks are hand sealed and don’t have any holes for water to get sucked up (so no mankiness – yay!).


green toys stacking cups tower    green toys stacking cups

I bought our collection of stacking cups from a white elephant stall at the local school fair. Best $1 I’ve spent! The tornadoes have so much fun stacking, filling and pouring water from these cups. There’s no need to be fancy – any old cups will do but if you are looking for some to give as a gift then these stacking cups from Green Toys are great. Made from 100% recycled materials, they will enjoy many years of use in the bath, shower, sandpit and playroom. They’re free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, melamine and external coatings like lead and are dishwasher safe too.


Trucks bath book    Trucks bath book pop outs

I love to give books and bath books are no exception. Easy enough to wipe clean, I know the words to our two bath books off by heart – ‘What Floats’ and ‘Bathtime Fun with Peter Rabbit and Friends’. I also love this new release bath book Trucks. It’s not your everyday bath book as it also features pop-out pieces on every page. These can be stuck to the walls of a tub or shower wall for more fun play.

Animal Planet Dinosaur Bucket

The dinosaurs in our Animal Planet Dinosaur Bucket set get a good workout in our house. They live in the bathroom but are also played with in the lounge room, sandpit and have even featured as cake toppers for Mr TT’s 2nd birthday cake.

alex toys mirror for the tub

This is one of Handy Hubby’s favourite bath toys as he uses it when shaving in the shower! When wet, this mirror with foam surrounds sticks to the side of bath or shower walls. It’s provided over 4 years of play in our house and was especially fun when the tornadoes were very young.

Minilotta bathing doll

We don’t have a doll in our bath toy collection but if we did, it would be Minilotta. I’m not usually a fan of soft toys as gifts however Minilotta is an exception. Her head and body are made from special quick-drying foam material so she can go into water for lots of bathtime fun. A bathing robe and bathing set accessories are also available.


Which bath toys are favourites (or have been favourites) in your house?

Do the little bits of manky mould that come out of bath toys creep you out too?!


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