Baby gifts for twins

Double the trouble and twice as nice! If you are looking for baby gifts for twins that aren’t just giving two of the same gift, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve found the best gifts for babies when there are two on the way. These are the types of gifts that are useful for twin parents or recognise the unique nature and relationship of twins. 

Our gift philosophy is about giving gifts that are practical, beautiful and meaningful. And on this page you will find 12 such baby gifts for twins.

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1. Twin Baby Poster, $75, PixelTrend on Etsy – this is such a gorgeous personalised gift – a scaled image 1:1 to the birth lengths of the babies. It also includes the names and birth details of the twins. Every print is one of a kind so this is a really special gift!

2. Two is for Twins by Wendy Cheyette Lewison, $14.35, Booktopia – this book is an adorable little homage to all the pairs around us… including twins! It’s a board book and sure to become a twin favourite at bedtime.

3. Milestone TWIN Baby Cards, $39.95, The Pharmacy –  milestone cards are a wonderful way to treasure those special moments when you have a baby and these are made for twin moments. There are 48 cards in the set to celebrate things like arriving home and the first time the twins smile at each other. 

4. My Best Friend Twin Deluxe Nursing Pillow, Amazon – breastfeeding twins is no mean feat! This nursing pillow helps to take the pressure off mama’s back and create a comfortable nursing experience. This is one of those baby gifts for twins that will get a really good workout!

5. Twin Baby Outfit, from $46.24, KinderleinCouture on Etsy –  these rompers need no explanation – they are just cute as a button!

6. A Twin is to Hug by Boni Ashburn, $21.99, Booktopia – speaking as the wife of a twin, twins relationships really are very special! This cute little book is all about the instant friendship of having a twin. It’s a sweet and engaging read.

7. Ballerina Twins Wall Art, from $38.95, Zanui – while this isn’t a gift specifically for twins, when we saw it we couldn’t not share it! It speaks for itself really.

8. Twin Bodysuits, $54.95, TillyandWilbur on Etsy – another super cute pair of outfits for twin parents with a good sense of humour.

9. City Mini Double, $799, Baby Jogger –  if you are buying a gift on behalf of a large group this could be a good option. Baby Jogger prams are high quality and easy to operate and this double pram is the perfect twin option.

10. Playtime for Twins by Ellen Weiss, $14.75, Booktopia – a cute rhyming book about noisy twins who love to play. This book is beautifully illustrated and captures the fun of having a twin.

11. Twin Baby Gift Boxes, from $65, The Baby Gift Company – the team at The Baby Gift Company has curated a great range of baby gifts for twins. Each gift box includes two sets of gifts – one for each baby. 

12. Birds Nest Necklace, from $36.99, MilestoneAccessories on Etsy – we can’t forget the mama of twins and this necklace is really gorgeous. It can be customised with the initials of the babies and is sure to be a treasured gift.

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