Affordable gift ideas for dinosaur mad kids

Next Raglan Dino Top 3mths-6yrs              Gooie Lunch Box XL Dino           This Dinosaur Is So Big

Boys are a new thing for our family. My parents have three daughters, five granddaughters and now Mr TT, their one and only grandson. When he arrived into this world two years ago, the fact that he was a boy was a shock to everyone, especially me.

I was certain I would follow the family tradition and make it granddaughter number six.  My Dad is very happy that the boy quota in the family has gone up. But even with Handy Hubby and my two brothers-in-law, he is still outnumbered nine to five.

I’m not one who believes in toys for girls and toys for boys (I was always desperate for a Hot Wheels Loop de Loop set when I was little). Miss TT loves playing with cars as much as her fairy dress ups and tea parties. However after years of buying gifts for my four nieces and then Miss TT, I found myself having to get up to speed with more boy-related toys and trends.  And boy is there some cool stuff out there…..

Mr TT is starting to become keen on dinosaurs. Not obsessed like Peppa Pig’s brother George, but keen enough to let out the occasional loud “ROARrrrrr” and play with his dinosaur figurines.

So in preparation for the possible onslaught of dino-obsessed years ahead, here are 12 affordable gift ideas under $20 for lovers of dinosaurs.  All items are gifts that I have given, would love to give or are favourites with Miss and Mr TT.

Animal Planet Dinosaur Bucket    Giant dinosaur stencils    Dino Stamp Set

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs                   Everything Dinosaurs                How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night

Micador Early Start Dino Crayons        Bobble Art Notebook Dinosaur               Bobble Art Dinosaur Tin Suitcase


Next Raglan Dino Top  – Such a cute raglan-sleeved t-shirt in sizes from 3 months up to 6 years.

Gooie Lunch Box – Extra large, cool dino design and easy to carry or pop into a kindy bag with plenty of room for lunch.

This Dinosaur Is So Big! – A fun magnet book with Nick Sharratt’s bright and bold illustrations. The book comes with 8 giant magnets which you can use to complete silly sentences such as “This dinosaur is so big it can eat a tree for breakfast”.

Animal Planet Dinosaur Bucket – The dinosaurs in this set have a received a good workout in our house. They are played with in the lounge room, shower, sandpit and have even featured as cake toppers for Mr TT’s 2nd birthday cake.

Giant Dinosaur Stencils – This set of 6 stencils are sized at 24cm x 24cm. For older kids, Smiggle has a cool dinosaur stencil book with 5 more detailed stencils for under $20.

Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set – Melissa & Doug make such great quality, fun and practical products – great for gifts. Miss TT uses these stamps for making birthday cards and other arty “masterpieces”.

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book Of Dinosaurs – Great title for a 4 – 8 year old.

National Geographic Kids ‘Everything: Dinosaurs’ – The next step up and suitable for an 8 – 12 year old.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night? – Fantastic illustrations introduce different types of dinosaurs in a lovely ready-for-bed story.

Micador Early Start Dino Crayons – This pack includes 8 non-toxic dino shaped crayons, each in a different colour, plus one crayon eraser.

Bobble Art Dinosaur Collection – Bobble Art have a large range of dinosaur related products from bags and wallets to travel accessories and room décor. This Dinosaur Notebook would be great for writing and sketching. The Dinosaur Tin Suitcase is a handy storage item – we use ours for stamps and ink pads but it could be just as useful for storing dinosaur figurines, pencils, textas or other craft items.

I better start learning my tyrannosaurs from my stegosaurs…..

Do you have a dino-obsessed child?

Can you recommend any other great dinosaur related gifts?

All items were priced under $20 when this post was published. Prices do not include any additional costs for postage.

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