Advances in technology that make me feel old + Weekend Rewind

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I am excited to be guest hosting this week’s Weekend Rewind with awesome bloggers Sonia (Life Love and Hiccups), Bron (Maxabella Loves) and Zoe (A Quirky Bird). Make sure you drop by their blogs and wish them a fantastic weekend!

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I’m smack bang in the middle of peak Christmas gift guide season however I wanted to pause for a breath and take a trip down memory lane. Readers of this blog will know I do love a good reminisce and flashback. Whether it’s my own Cabbage Patch Kid memories or those of my favourite bloggers in the My gift memories series, I get a warm and fuzzy feeling thinking back to favourite times, places and people. Plus 1980s fashion is always good for a giggle.

Getting old doesn’t bother me. I still feel like a big kid (well, I do blog about toys!) but lately I have to admit I’ve been feeling old. I have my 20 year school reunion this weekend – but it’s not that. What’s getting me is simply trying to keep up with technology. Remembering passwords is bad enough but just as I seem to get the hang of a new piece of tech, something new comes along. It only seems like yesterday I learnt how to program the VCR to record an episode of Northern Exposure.

What really brought this home was seeing my tornadoes see a table top game for the first time. They ran to sit at the seats on each side and with no regard for the joystick or coloured buttons, they proceeded to press the screen with their fingers.

table top game

“Mummy, why aren’t the games working?”

My tornadoes take technology for granted. It’s always been there for them – they are the iGeneration after all. What once seemed cutting edge to me is now considered a relic.


So which advances in technology have me feeling like a granny?

1. There was something satisfying about chatting on the telephone and curling the cord around your finger. Now you can buy a handset to plug into your mobile so you can get back that old feeling.

If Lenny Kravitz is using one it must be cool…

Lenny Kravitz using old handset
Image source

Or maybe not…


2. A rare payphone sighting is a cause for excitement.

things you dont see every day

3. You used to call me on my cell phone… the rate at which mobile phones are changing is astonishing. Now there’s even wearable tech like Google Glass and the iWatch. I’ve only just managed to get my head around my iPhone 4S.

From this…


To this?


4. I love my Pandora stations and the ease of listening to music. But I miss the satisfaction of making up a really good mix tape from songs on the radio. Especially one without the DJ talking at the start or end of the track. Giving someone a mix tape was a sign that you’d taken the time to compile something just for them.

5. I remember watching Countdown and being astounded by the cutting edge technology of the new Dire Straits video clip for Money For Nothing. It’s laughable now, although somehow not unlike Minecraft…


6. My tornadoes have no idea how to use my old Fisher Price chatter phone. Check out the evolution of the telephone – Fisher Price style.

evolution of the telephone

7. THIS.


When it comes to new tech, my tornadoes will be the ones doing the teaching in years to come. My job in all of this is to make sure they appreciate where it all came from. Plus I can embarrass them in front of their friends with my tales of the good ‘ol days. Embarrassing them isn’t my job as such, I just see it as a parental perk.

Do you embrace new technology?

What do you miss about the “olden days”?


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