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Doing our Acts of Christmas Kindness this festive season was a wonderful experience. From donating tinned goods and gifts to kids, to cat food for the Cat Haven, Miss TT learnt how to be kinder and help others.

When I asked her why we were donating a soft toy at IKEA, she said “Because some kids don’t have a teddy to cuddle on Christmas day. Some people also don’t have a house – can we buy them a house Mummy?” It was heart warming to see that underneath my crazy toddler tornado there is a loving and kind soul.

A very big thank you to Bianca at A Little Delightful for her wonderful Acts of Christmas Kindness printable cards and for providing the inspiration for our acts in the lead up to Christmas. Bianca is right – Magic is something you make.



Taking cat food to the Cat Haven – WA’s premier cat welfare organisation



Something to cheer up a flat out busy and overwhelmed Handy Hubby – “A blue car will make Daddy happy”



“We have to get Milo because kids will like Milo”. Donating tinned food to the Gold Giving Box for Foodbank and Anglicare WA


ikea teddies

Miss TT and Mr TT donated 2 teddies to the IKEA Soft Toys for Education drive



A Christmas card for our postman thanking him for delivering our letters this year


wishing tree

Miss TT chose a Crayola Creativity Tub to put under the Kmart Wishing Tree



My own Act of Christmas Kindness without the kids. It had been too long since my last donation – thanks to Smaggle’s 5 ways you can give back this Christmas and From The Ashers A Christmas gift of red for giving me the inspiration and kick up to arse to donate blood.


I hope we can continue being kinder throughout 2015. Might need to win lotto to buy that house though…

Thanks for all the lovely comments and support this year. You’ve made this newbie blogger one happy gal. I’m looking forward to bringing you more baby and kids gift ideas next year as well as the occasional WTF toy alert and dodgy flashback pic of me from the 80s.

Until then, wishing you all a happy start to the new year.

What’s your wish for 2015?

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