Acts of Christmas Kindness – it’s not all about the gifts


It’s not all about the gifts. This may seem ironic coming from me who blogs about gift ideas, but stay with me. As much as I love buying and giving gifts, I really want to teach my toddler tornadoes that Christmas time (in fact anytime) is not all about what gifts you are going to get.

These days it seems that it’s all about how much someone has – want want want, me me me. I want my kids to value helping others, not just themselves. Mr TT is still a bit young but Miss TT understands that there are kids in the world who aren’t as lucky as her. I was so proud when she came home with her kindy portfolio this week. My heart melted when I read what she said in her “If I was a Christmas elf” artwork:

Miss TT elf

Underneath the toddler tornado, there is a beautiful soul. I am keen to encourage that kindness.

In the lead up to Christmas I will be partaking in Acts of Christmas Kindness with the kids. Bianca from the lovely blog A little delightful has made some fantastic free printables including cards that encourage ways to be kinder with acts like:

  • Leaving a gift under a wishing tree
  • Donating supplies to an animal shelter
  • Leaving a thank you note for your postie
  • Cleaning up around your street


There’s another 11 cards with ideas which we’ll also be choosing from. Some acts cost a little, some cost nothing. I’m sure the value the kids and I will get out of it will be worth much more.

You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see the acts we get up to. If you want to join in, Bianca has set up a hashtag:


Even one act can make a difference. As Bianca says – “Magic is something you make.”

I’d love to see what everyone gets up to!

Can you think of other Acts of Christmas Kindness? Hit me up with some ideas!