A bit of fun – Way Back Wednesdays

tash dancing to fame

Readers of this blog know how much I love delving into the past and sharing childhood memories (yes – that is a photo of me above dancing in our courtyard to the theme song from Fame).

Whether it’s a favourite toy, first concert, birthday party or family holiday memory, thinking back on growing up in the 80s and 90s always makes me smile.

I also love a good quiz night. For some reason I have an uncanny ability to remember useless information like silly facts from music, movies and TV. It’s this useless information that comes in handy at quiz nights and sees me walking away with a frozen chicken or hamper of some form.

I decided to pair together these two loves – useless information and childhood memories – to create a weekly quiz on my Facebook page ‘Gift Grapevine Way Back Wednesdays’. After 9 weeks I’ve discovered I’m not alone and many people share my memories of the glorious 80s and 90s. I had no idea there were so many closet Debbie Gibson fans out there.

Here are the weekly quiz questions I have featured so far. How would you go at these? (answers at the end of this post)


1. Who remembers the name of the set that these beauties came from? I absolutely LOVED these as a kid!

week 9 pic


2. These Aussie spunks appeared on which late 70s TV show set along Sydney’s northern beaches?

week 8


3. Name this US teen singing sensation of the late 80s. Bonus non-existent points for naming any of her hit songs. I remember doing a jazz ballet routine to one particular chart topper…

Week 7 pic


4. What are the character names of these two stud muffins? They featured in one of my favourite TV shows of the 80s. I’ll give you bonus non-existent points for the TV show name too.

Week 6 way back wednesday


5. What was the name of the Wonder Twins’ blue space monkey pet?

Week 5


6. The Misfits were the arch rivals in the battle for musical glory on the 1980s animated TV series “Jem”. Who was the lead singer of The Misfits?

Week 4


7. Do you remember the name of this bath toy? I desperately wanted one in the 80s!

Week 3 way back wednesday


8. Name this late 80s TV sitcom (bonus points for the character name too).

Week 2


9. Name this kids TV character and his alter-ego.

week 1


There’s no prizes, just the satisfaction of knowing you are great at retaining useless information that only comes in handy at quiz nights…

I’ll have more questions ready for you every Wednesday afternoon. If you want to join in, show me some love by liking Gift Grapevine on Facebook.

It’s nothing intellectual. I’m not saving the world. But hopefully you’ll have a giggle and enjoy a fun flashback.

What is your favourite childhood TV, music or movie memory?

How did you go with the quiz questions?

1. Fashion Plates; 2. Chopper Squad; 3. Debbie Gibson (Electric Youth); 4. Ponch and Jon (CHiPS); 5. Gleek; 6. Phyllis “Pizzazz” Gabor; 7. Rub A Dub Doggie; 8. Out of This World (Evie); 9. When Eric Wimp eats a banana he is transformed into Bananaman.

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