8 affordable Frozen inspired gift ideas


Seeing this very funny meme posted all over social media this week got me thinking about Frozen. It’s everywhere and the momentum will continue with an animated short ‘Frozen Fever’ slated for release in Autumn next year. There’s also the huge amount of licensed products on offer – dolls, drinks, dinnerware, dress-ups, sleeping bags, bikes, beds, books, games, stationary, bags, tea sets, karaoke machines…you get idea. It’s a long list.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against licensed products. You should see the collection of Peppa Pig items in our house. It’s just that sometimes there can be too much. You want your gift to be original and also useful for when the infatuation passes. And childhood infatuations with characters do pass. My Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles phase was a short one as was Jem (truly outrageous), The Wonder Twins, Smurfs, Cabbage Patch Kids and Fame.


Frozen Cover Collage

With Frozen here to stay (for the moment), here are 8 affordable Frozen inspired gift ideas under $40. These will keep kids who are obsessed with Frozen happy as well as any parents who may have had enough of Elsa, Anna, Olaf and the gang…..


cactus watch

Created in Australia, Cactus make affordable watches for kids and teens. Features include easy to read dials, durable quality, 100m water resistant and shock resistant construction. This Pale Blue Watch With Three Charms is just beautiful.


snowflake elastics

When I saw my nieces playing elastics recently it instantly took me back to the school yard with chants of “England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, inside, outside, puppy dogs tales”! I’m loving that a classic like elastics are back in style. These snowflake elastics are more stylish than the ones I used to make with my Mum’s roll of elastic from the sewing kit. Each elastic is 2.5m and comes packaged in a cotton drawstring bag complete with instructions and 3 chants to get kids started.


Frozen charm bracelet

I featured this Lauren Hinkley Bracelet “Ice Sisters” in my favourite gift picks post this month and I’m happy to feature it again as it is just gorgeous. Handmade in Australia, this sterling silver bracelet would make a beautiful gift.


MG Frozen Collage

Madison Grace Designs have created a lovely Frozen inspired range of jewellery and accessories including an Elsa inspired sparkle tutu, large and small snowflake bow clips, beaded bracelet and a princess necklace.



I’ve featured ‘lil Fairy Doors on the blog before as they are simply beautiful. This special edition is a ‘lil Snowflake Fairy Door so Elsa and the snowfaires can visit. Attach them low on a wall or high on a bookshelf and the fairies will know how to come in and out. Miss TT has a pink ‘lil fairy Door in her bedroom and the fairies only visit her when she is asleep at night. If she is good they sometimes leave notes, fairy dust or small gifts. It’s beautiful to watch her excitement and she has been known to sit by the door and talk to her fairies!


Do you have any Frozen obsessed kids?

Are you impressed that I managed to get through this entire post without a ‘Let It Go’ pun?

All items were priced under $40 when this post was published. Prices do not include any additional costs for postage.

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