2017 Gift Grapevine Cartoon Character Awards… for a bit of fun

Cartoon Character awards - Gift Grapevine

I’m taking a break from my usual gift programming to bring you a bit of fun. My tornadoes love ABC Kids TV and their favourite characters change every so often. As soon as Sportacus from Lazy Town was the hero du jour, he was dumped for Tree Fu Tom, only to be replaced by the team from Go Jetters. Peppa is one popular pig but this mum prefers the comical stylings of Nanny Plum.

Real life TV actors have the Logies, Emmy Awards and Oscars. What if our favourite TV cartoon characters had their own awards show? Who would be nominated? Who would win? And would Sportacus ditch his lyrca blue get-up and don a tuxedo for the occasion?

I present to you the nominations for the 2017 Gift Grapevine Cartoon Character Awards. And I need your help to crown the winners – check out the nominees below and let me know who you think should win!

Yes, I’m really just a big kid and have spent time daydreaming about this. Don’t tell me you haven’t either.

All nominees feature on ABC Kids TV. These awards, like the characters, are completely fictitious and are in no way endorsed by ABC Kids TV. Although if they want to borrow this idea they are more than welcome to. I’m sure Big Ted and his gang need a night out. Almost all nominees are cartoon characters, with the odd Muppet, freaky puppet and overly energetic presenter thrown into the mix.

Drum roll please…

Cartoon character awards - Cookie Monster

I’d like to think Cookie would dress up for the occasion. Image Source.


Most Popular Character
Big Ted
Cookie Monster
Nanny Plum
Peppa Pig
Shaun the Sheep
The Wise Old Elf

Most Irritating Character
All of the freaky puppets (Lazy Town)
Baby Jake
Dirt Girl
Little Princess
Norman Price (Fireman Sam – someone send that boy to military school)
The Small Potatoes

Best Hero
Captain Barnacles (Octonauts)
Miss Rabbit (Peppa Pig – consider all the jobs she has!)
Peter Rabbit
Shaun the Sheep
Sportacus (Lazy Town)
Super Grover (Sesame Street)
Tree Fu Tom
Ubercorn (Go Jetters – making the mixes to fix those glitches)

Best Villain
Bob Goblin (Wallykazam)
Grandmaster Glitch (Go Jetters)
Great Wild Woolly (The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill)
Robbie Rotten (Lazy Town)
The Mushees (Tree Fu Tom)
That fox with the awesome cackle who always tries to steal chickens (Shaun the Sheep)

Best Duo or Team
Ben and Holly (Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom)
B1 and B2 (Bananas in Pyjamas)
Charlie and Lola
Go Jetters
PJ Masks
Postman Pat and Jess the Cat

Hall of Fame inductees
Bananas in Pyjamas

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? They’ve just celebrated 25 years of running down the stairs and chasing teddy bears. They deserve this accolade.

Best Host
DJ Lance Rock (Yo Gabba Gabba)
Everyone on Play School
Jimmy Giggle
Mister Maker
The narrator from In The Night Garden (props to him for working with those scripts)

Considering his popularity among the toddler-set – and if this was the Logies – I say give Jimmy Giggle a Gold Logie.

Surely #giggleforgold is a hashtag just waiting to go viral.

Go forth and vote in the comments below on or the post on my Facebook page. I’ll publish the results on Facebook at the end of the week!

Who would you vote for in each category of these Cartoon Character Awards?

Did I leave anyone off these lists?

Image credits for transparent images used in collage at top of this post: Sportacus, Bananas in Pyjamas, Norman Price, Wise Old Elf and Go Jetters.


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